Steam Box ideas - 450$ - 750$

Hello, So trying to put together a low cost steam box for game streaming to my living room and also for media watching and stuff.

So i would like some of your ideas posted in the comments, preferably with a pcpartpicker link included.

I was thinking of a low cost low power AMD APU only system and have my gaming rig do all the heavy lifting.

Has to be - Silent - Small - Low Power Cost and Sexy.

So pleas let me know what your plans are if any.


What i have got so far.

- Cooler Master Silencio 352 – CASE 

- Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-HD3 - MB 


Energon EPS-650W CM – PSU

Crucial 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 - RAM

- 1TB Seagate

- Lite-On Blu-ray Combo Internal 


Thanks in advance - Monzoon, 

There is no question to be answered in this post. Please try again. Not to mention that you are not providing any build of your own, which leads me to believe that you've spent no effort on your own account to attempt to answer your own desire. If you aren't going to try for yourself, stop wasting our time.


With that budget you can bulid much better PC.

Now you want ''- Silent - Small - Low Power Cost and Sexy'' intel is better choice for you.To be more specific ivy bridge is best for you.


Easy, easy. some one is cranky, and sorry for the little info, I'm new to these forums and tough it might not look like it i have been putting quite a lot of thought into this, but so far i have only managed to get it low budget and sexy. So the question is do you have any ideas? if you don't then you are right, no question for you to answer.

I just got on the forum like 10min ago and all I have seen is you trying to put people down for asking questions.  Not really sure what your problem is but you should probably stop.

Sorry, but are you speaking to me or is this directed at Mndless?

ya I you may want to look into like a haswell i3 and a hd7770 on an itx board would make a good small and quiet system.  You could also go with a athlon 760k and a graphics card to give you better performance for the money in my opinion.

If there was a question in the original post, then it probably would have been answered. And as Monzoon_Castamere said, I am, in fact, quite cranky. I'm positively pissed about all of these open threads where the OPs come on and spend 5 minutes typing up a post and they can't even be bothered to pose a question within the body. Appearances, people, appearances. Because I don't actually know any of you, I don't know what kind of effort you put into anything. I read such effort out of the original post for the thread, so it is important to craft it with care.

pretty sure it's me.

I have a counter logic for you, if you don't have an answer and are pissed off at people who don't write Posts like you want them to, them just don't share your opinion. Simply because i did not ask the question, how do i write a post, then your input would be valid. but if anyone ever asks about a build or 3D printing, don't answer if you don't have an answer and stop whining about me wasting time by not putting in enough effort on my part and then spend twice the amount of time to tell every one how bad they are compared to you.

Psychological evaluation = Attention Wh***.


Sorry for being rude but if you can't or don't want to say anything useful, then your replies are useless. 



No, I've got answers, or I can find them readily. I just strongly dislike when people have no concept of how they should phrase things using the English language. To be fair, I don't spend terribly long on these replies, despite how they may sound. I just want to reinforce that appearances matter and how you write, within forums, defines your appearance.

I think what you meant to say was that you didn't want my input because you never asked the question "how to I write a post." Well, too bad for you, I don't need you to ask the question. I'm more than willing to provide the answer for free.

As cool as tiny builds are, they are money pits. You spend a lot of money to make something powerful fit in small package. So I built a slightly larger one that is still small enough to be an HTPC.

Thank you Mndless, it's a good build but i have one question. Is there no way to fit this into the Coolermaster Silencio 352?

i have no plans to make a steambox, i have a gaming PC.

I have a gaming pc aswell and a high end one at that, but there are two reasons why I am going to build a steam box. 

1.) Media center/living room gaming.

2.) An exuse to build a pc.