Steam Box Case

After seeing the proposed prototype for the steam box, i started looking for a mini-atx case that would look a lot like that and serve the same purpose without sacrificing cooling... and i came to find the Alienware X51, and the Tiki. But seeing how i just want the case i come to the problem again. A case that would be the same size as the steam box and possibly using the same ingenuity of having all of the air cooling be separate here no air between any of the components mix... So i thought about building my own case, preferably out of steel, for strength or aluminum 6031. Any suggestions on how to proceed with this outlandish idea?

this would look like an awesome steambox case. it is a bit pricy.


I've made a prototype myself in sketchup a week ago or so, I'll see if I can upload something.

The components are listed here (dutch site, but you'll manage, just click 'steambox')

The gpu is connected via a ribbon cable and you'll have to do all the I/O to the front I/O ports or  connect them like the ethernet cable via a hole or something on the inside. It's done this way so that all the inputs (power, keyboard, mouse, monitor etc) are on the same side. It might get a bit messy inside but hey, you've got a very compact and very capable rig!

Thats a cool looking case!

I'm currently using the L9i CPU cooler it's not so bad. i just wish it was good enough to keep a little minimal overclock. like a 4.0ghz or a 4.2ghz

You can't have everything, and it's very small so you shouldn't expect too much from it :)

I was thinking about finding an ealy 80's VHS or Betamax, gutting and doing a sleeper build. The early ones were pretty big.

Yeah i was looking for something like what renshuizer posted, and the college that i am going to has a macine shop with an assortment of 3D-Printers, i'm going to find out more about the availability of those to the students, if possible, i will use the shop to make a printer... Being a Freshman in college, i'm not that experienced with the technology that is associated with it, but i will upload my success/failure onto this thread or make another one if it takes more time then expected. thank you for the fast comments. The reason i don't want to gut an old 80's VHS is because, although it has the proper dimensions, (big enough for my Gigabyte windforce x3 gtx 670), but not quite perfect for a proposed insertion of my H50 cpu block... my components are currently housed in an original Phantom full tower case, with amazing cooling for all components, but being full tower, it has a problem moving from place to place as lan parties pop up... and since i will have saved enough money to upgrade the cpu/mobo in february, i was looking to keep the old components and pop them into a "steambox" to lug around from lan party to lan party...