Steam Big Picture Blank Buttons

I have a bug that i have been back and forward over with a Steam Tech Support and we have not had a solution yet.

I have no text on any buttons in Big Picture mode, not on the menu buttons, not on options, not on the power/exit menu none anywhere. 


seems to not want to link:

So We have been over all the usual and some not so usual:

  • Delete the contents of the steam install folder and start steam to force file update/refresh
  • Update graphics drivers
  • Diver fusion clean the driver install and re-install graphics drivers
  • Completely remove Steam, registry install information and all
  • Change the Big Picture font information
  • Remove, clean and install graphics drivers again
  • Stop anti virus and re-install Steam
  • Long in on another PC and test Big Picture, log someone else in on my PC and test Big Picture

to date nothing has had any effect. I still have no text in Big Picture. It is getting annoying now, has anybody else had this issue or heard of someone who has? Did they fix it?

Yeah I have never heard of this problem before. I really enjoyed the cartoon at the bottom of the post and can relate to it. Honestly whenever I have encountered a problem where it seems like nobody else has seen it before, it's me being really dumb. Maybe valve just picked you randomly to have this problem for jokes?

Yeah that would be interesting, like Chell to their GLaDOS, I can never escape.

The Comic is XKCD fantastic series.