Steam Badges How Do They Work?

I'v have had a steam account for 2 years not but iv never really used it. What I'm wondering is how does the badges and earning XP work. Right now I have 0xp but it says I'v got 100xp for the Years of service badge. Is it glitched or is it right?


No that's right,when you earn all the cards in a set you can craft a badge that will earn you 100 xp.  If you level up you get a coupon for a game, along with some other perks and stuff like being able to have more friends on your account and showing off achievements on your profile.

it's basically big dick points to see who has the biggest gaming dick

There are also badges you can earn from completing steam community achievements and owning multiple games. You can also get some for doing certain things during the holidays. However, Achilles but it in the best of terms. It's just a dick off and honestly as long as you're having fun playing games, you really shouldn't worry about the steam badges too much :3 They're just a waste of time.