Steam Autumn Sale is Here!

All praise Lord Gaben! ( )

Blessed is the PC Master Race, for the Steam Autumn Sale is upon us! And yea verily, on the 27th of November Lord Gaben took his wrath upon the wallets of his followers, and they were stricken down! And yea, many sleepless nights would follow with much caffeine and colossal amounts of pizzas ordered by phone.

Go check it out!

  • Skyrim (no DLCs included) 75% off: 7.49$ -
  • Skyrim: Legenday Edition (all DLCs) 66% off: 20.39$ -
  • All Skyrim DLCs are 50% off: Dawnguard 9.99$, Dragonborn 9.99$, Hearthfire 2.49$ (Note: it's actually better to buy the Legendary Edition, if you don't have any of the DLCs. I did it, and now I have an extra copy of Skyrim to give away.) -
  • Sleeping Dogs 80% off: 4.99$
  • Left4Dead 2 is 75% off: 4.99$
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut 50% off: 4.99$ -
  • The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition 50% off: 9.99$ -
  • Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition 50% off: 9.99$ -
  • Portal 1 75% off (2.49$) + Portal 2 75% off (4.99$), but Bundled they're just 6.24$ -
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 66% off (8.49%), Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 4-pack is 66% off (25.49$) -
  • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition is 75% off (7.49$) -
  • Counter Strike: Source is 50% off (9.99$) -
  • Don't Starve is 40% off (8.99$) -

New deals incoming... Steam is just PWNing my wallet. Oh the woes of my wallet on a Steam Sale event. >.<

These deals are short-lived, so enjoy them while you can. In about 6 hours many (if not all) will be gone. Make sure to murder the content of your wallets today. =P (Steam is a serial dollar killer. I guess I'll be having ramen this month. XD )

I did it, and now I have an extra copy of Skyrim to give away.

I don't have Skyrim yet.

Thanks for posting the deals! I think Gabe is ready for a thanksgiving prayer.

Well, I'll contact Steam tech support, see how I can get that copy as a gift so I can give it away. If Steam is quick about telling me how, I'll give you a copy. Note: it comes without any DLCs, sorry, since I bought the Legendary Edition just for the DLCs. =/

And yes, Gabe is probably dining on the wallets of millions of gamers this very moment, carving up my dollars like a thanksgiving turkey. Blessed is the PC Master Race, because consoles are overpriced PCs with no upgradability (storage doesn't give better gaming performance). =P

*Contacting Steam support.*

Thanks for spending the time. I'm heading off to bed, so add me on steam (Missxu) or use 'contact'

Hopefully they respond positively and quickly :D

Dang it, apparently I didn't read the bundle I was buying. I don't get an extra copy of Skyrim (vanilla, no DLCs). That isn't how Steam works. >.<

Sorry. (Just got a message from Steam Tech Support.)

No problem. Thanks again for looking into it.

LA Noire with all DLCs for $6 today