Steam ads - I may have malware - Advice needed!

Hello I just noticed today my Steam clients front page now has ads and which a quick google I think I may have malware. If anyone could walk me through some steps to get rid of this it would be much appreciated. I have MSE and Malwarebytes so I'm hoping with each scan it will delete whatever it is.

I've notice my laptops fan running higher than normal even when not doing any strenuous activity and now I think I know why. 

After running malwarebytes, and deleting the flagged files my chrome browser notified my it could not connect to proxy. I have changed my chrome proxy settings under lan and unchecked the use proxy box.

So at the moment Steam is ad free and facebook messages are acting up.

Or try linux boot with clam. Get CCleaner and look through Uninstall or windows Programs and Features and see if there is something odd in there like conduit toolbar (example).

Thanks! Totally forgot about CCleaner. Nothing looked suspicious. 

This is when you start looking at processes from your Task manager (ctrl shift esc) and finding odd things in their.