Steam account hacked (again)


For the 2nd time in 3 months now my steam account has been hacked. 2 months ago my steam-account and netflix account were hacked (same password). My steam account has steamguard so it was fine, my netflix account had to be recovered.

After this incident I scanned both my pc and laptop using Hitmanpro/Eset NOD32/Avast, nothing out of the ordinary. And changed my passwords as well, to nothing similar, completely different password. These 2 are the only computers that I have logged into with the new password.

Now yesterday a receive another login attempt from steam with correct login/password and yes the email is actually from steam not spam. I for my important accounts I use 2-step-veri where possible. But I am quite at a loss here to how this is happening. The ip-adresses were located, first time somewhere middle east and second time brazil, but this could be a proxy I suppose.

Does anyone have any Idea/suggestions what I could do next. I want to find out how this is happening to prevent it. Thanks

Running Windows 10 with latest updates btw.

How secure are your passwords? I would try a generator like LastPass to generate some rediculous passwords. See if that helps.

Also, because someone somewhere used your email address as part of a successful login before, its likely going to be used by them/accomplices again. Maybe create a new email address just to use for gaming stuff that's separate from the current email address?

Also, go into steam > account > manage steam guard and de-authorize all devices.

Good Luck.

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Why didn't you reinstall your OS?

Yes thanks, I was already looking at Lastpass. The password that was compromised was like 14 characters long with capitals and numbers, it was pretty secure. I might try a new emailadress for steam yes, just to see if the problem is related to steam or my pc.

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I might soon, i'd have to reinstall both my pc's though. Anyway I'd just like to find out HOW this is happening, so I can recognize/prevent something like this in the future.

Highly doubt someone is generating them so its irrelevant what the password actually is.
Since we can rule out that, and that you would be using same info elsewhere, plus your PC's should be okay?

Could it be that some cunt is actually pulling them from your Android, because I saw presentation about this just recently and it seemed pretty easy if someone just bothers getting the hardware for it.

It worked so that you connect his tool, it does some SSL thing, and then he starts to get tidy password lists. Requires him to be there intercepting, or flying drone as the beacon. w/e the principle is simple how it works.

probably just a keylogger from something you've downloaded


General food for thought from Valve:

One good point from that KB article - running any mods/cheats/hacks that could potentially be stealing your info?

It might be a keylogger somehwere yes. I did download 1 or 2 games a while back, maybe the steam_api.dll if thats possible, since that always get shown up as malware regardless of whether it actually is or isnt. Not running any mods/cheats/hacks so thats not it.

Anyway thanks. Im quite sure my laptop is clean now, gonna check my home pc when I get back. Scan/remove any remaining of these games, maybe format. Going to be using lastpass as well now, was time for that anyway got so many accounts nowadays, can't keep track of all.

Also to Nurmi, I am using an android s6 edge. But I think it's very unlikely someone has been intercepting, considering where I live and work.

I'm talking that russian website ya downloaded something from man

The part, but its interesting video to watch completely because curiousity. :D

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To be honest when a computer is compromised the only real course of action is to wipe the drive and to a fresh install. There's no way to ensure the computer is safe otherwise. This is what I'd recommend.

Even then sometimes the actual hardware is compromised. Though that's rare.

Passwords need to be sufficiently strong and unique.

Also check your browser plugins.

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It might be Nivek or the other guy... cant remember his name but if you accept their friend request you will be hacked!!