Steam Account For Fifa 14

Apologize if I am violating forum rules here but I will trade my steam account for a fifa 14 cd key

I know some of you will jump on to this post and yell "SCAM" but I don't care. I am not even using my steam account any more so might as well trade it. I made a new e-mail address for my steam account and I will give my password to that e-mail address witch is tied to my steam account.

Counter Strike Global Offensive,
CS: Source,
Crysis 2,
Empire: Total War + Napoleon,
Fallout: New Vegas,
Far Cry One,
Half Life 2 + Episode 1 & 2,
Left 4 Dead 2,
Rome: Total War + Alexander Expansion,
Total War: Rome 2

I just bought Fifa 14. Love it after the new patch :)