Stealth build?

So, first Tek Syndicate post, yay!

I live in a really tiny apartment and i'm going to build a litecoin rig with 4 x 7970 cards. Idea was to put the rig in a closet and cover the inside with soundproofing material to get rid of the noise. Problem will be the heat i guess. If i put a 230mm intake fan and a 230mm outlet fan in the closet, will it do the job? Or do i need bigger fans?

Closet is about 0.5m x 0.5m x 2m

Any tips?

(New to mining)

I wouldn't recommend it.  I've been mining for a while and best option is to have a room that doesn't get much use and toss it in there, because gpu mining is a HOT and NOISY affair.  But good luck!

Got the rig ready and is up and running now, just two cards though. I have no ventilation yet, so the closet door needs to be open for now. But i'm at 75C and 68C with both cards around 700 Kh/s, so yeah it looks like it will be hard to cool them with a closed door :O

Wow, that's still decent temps! keep this updated and let us know what you end up with.  Some pics would be cool too!

I will! :) I don't understand how to make the pic show up in the thread, but here is a link.

Waiting for riser cables from China, that's why it's only two cards atm.

Got the riser cables. But i can't for my life figure out why i can't run more than 2 cards at the same time. It refuses to boot at all. At one point it managed to boot with all 4 cards connected, but it was only showing 3 cards in the device manager. I have tested all cards, all slots, all cables separately and it works fine. Now i'm running 2 cards on risers and it works fine. Any idea why i can't run more than 2 cards?

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC


So, the problem causing the miner to not boot properly was fixed by changing from PCI-e gen3 to PCI-e gen2. It also allowed me to detect the 3rd card.

Problem now is the 4th card still doesn't show up in windows and the rig seems unstable, reboots from time to time when it wants. And the hashrates are no longer fixed at 700, drops down to 600 sometimes.

Any ideas what the reason can be?

Picture update with 4 cards (3 running). Molex power not connected because the motherboard has "PCI-e boost connector" which i noticed after i ordered the risers..