Static shock


A couple of weeks ago my cpu died(overvolt), I sent the pc to company so they could do a system check to verify how many parts were broken. when I got it back they told that it was only the cpu that was fried, so I decided to remove it from the motherboard. Just as I touched the cpu I got shocked(or is sounded like that, dident really feel anything). This worries me abit, becuase im not sure if the MB is fine now? If i shocked the broken cpu could it hurt the motherboard? the shock can not have been that high since I only have wodden floors and i carried the case(that the MB was in) wich should have grounded me abit.

but yeah, is it possible that the MB took any damage or do you think that the broken cpu took the hit?

PS i have a theori, is it possible that the cpu still had some current and shocked me insted of the other way around?


Was the computer switched on when you got the shock?  If so you could've damaged the motherboard.  But I think its less likely if it wasnt on.  I wouldnt be worried if the motherboard is still working just always wear an anti-static wristband in the future or discharge yourself. lol

Just turn it on and quit worrying, holy crap.  How on earth would we know? 


It was not plugged in when i got the shock.

It's somewhat Hard to turn it on when there is no cpu in it.

Guess im just gonna have to tryck it out 

It's less likely but TECHNICALLY possible.

Touch the metal parts of your case next time. If you can see, hear, or feel static shock then it's often enough to short components especially CPUs and RAM.

I would say dont worry to much, a static shock on an allreay broken cpu, would not kill a motherboard.