Static IP Provider Options

Hey all! I’m trying to sign up for the Sony Partnership Program. Naturally, they require a static IP. I’ve tried using NordVPN’s static IP, but it didn’t seem to follow a particular format Sony needs…


So I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong with the provided static IP from NordVPN, or if it doesn’t work at all.

Also I’m not sure what the IP address range is. Apologies if this all seems to obvious, I’m more of an artist, and when it comes to networking, I’m not the greatest. I’m the only dev on my project, so I have to try and figure this out.

As an option, Spectrum provides Static IP’s if I get their business account (static IP’s aren’t provided with residential accounts). The prices aren’t that bad and is probably more secure and stable than using something like a VPN (if I were to guess). Ultimately I’ll go with Spectrum, but a VPN Is just temporary. I need to get up and running in order to submit my application with Sony, so I can get access to all the documentation for development.

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Alternatively you could forward whatever you need to a VPN on a digital ocean VPS. Then youll have the right one IP format maybe? I’m not completely sure. ISP static IP is always a solid option. Business accounts have their advantages


Digital ocean starts at 60 USD per year AFAIK, and there are smaller shops that are cheaper, although the really cheap ones are normally slower then the specs indicate.

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