State that some games are released in

Many games that have been released in 2014 where broken on release.

AC Unity was very buggy on pc and consoles.

Halo Master Chief Collection- the mp didn't work for first 2-3 weeks.

And there where more...

So i would like to know is do you think that gamers will get tired of spending $60 on unfinished and broken games or not?

It's clear to me that PC gamers have been sick of this crap for years and typically refuse to pay that much for a game unless it's proven to be excellent. I must admit that any game more than $30 typically makes me turn the other way, especially when I get plenty of games on sale for $5 or even less. Given the way the games have been unpolished it almost seems like the best option, as all of the bugs will be worked out by that point in time.

I don't like this, as it does not give the full price to the developers, but if they continue to rape our wallets and give us horse shit in return I will not buy their game plain and simple. Thankfully some of the smarter developers are recognizing this distrust in their competency and pushing their releases back to polish the titles, but I think that mostly just uncovers the fact that they don't totally understand how to set a realistic deadline and stick to it.

I'm sure game development is extremely complex now, but I just want a more realistic idea of a game release. Don't tell me it will be done in November and then redact the statement and then offer a release in March, even though that is much preferred to the release of a broken game.

My curiosity is whether or not the console gamers will get tired of this and stop pre-ordering games, as that will be the kick in the wallets that the massive game companies need to get their priorities straight.

I blame Ubisoft.... and people pre ordering games.

It began with Watch_Doge and then AC Uneshitty. Watch_Doge was not that broken on release just looked terrible, quite buggy and horribly optimized. Whilst ACU was just broken. Again horrifyingly optimized and buggy as all hell. They have been trying to patch it ever since with shitty results. The last patch broke SLI and made EVERY SINGLE water texture flicker white!

It feels like they start with a good idea for a game like ACU and then rush the developers and programmers to no end! No matter how much money you have to make a game ... If you rush shit and cut corners your game will not run smoothly. I suspect that the head of companies like Ubisoft  are people who don't understand what it takes to make a game and make demands that the programmers can't deliver.

Or they might just all be super incompetent .... who knows.

also Pre ordering games has somehow become a thing. I get it if you do it a week before the game comes out because you know you are going to buy it and you just want to get it into your library as soon as possible. But do not buy unfinished games. Do not pre order games or early access games. Wait till the game comes out and see what people think about it before you spend money on it.

This just enables companies to sell unfinished games. 

I know Bohemia Interactive sold ArmA 3 in an unfinished form but they were upfront about it. They sold it as Alpha and Beta. They promised a campaign and did not sell it as full release until the entire campaign was done. I respect BI for honoring their word and continuing to develop and maintain the game. Seems like every patch makes the game just that much better. It used to be somewhat laggy and unoptimized. It still is unoptimized but not that badly. It no longer lags for me and I get a pretty solid 60FPS at 1920x1200 and High to Ultra settings with AA turned down. That on a 7970 too. 

Also the developers that know that game is broken wont let reviews come out until few hours after release(ac unity and other ubisoft games), where is developer of dragon age inquisition knew that game is good and let people review it few weeks before the game came out

Yes I agree those embargo agreements are outrageous.... purposefully hiding how broken your games is by not letting reviewers release there verdict until after the release of the game... for shame!  

This is why I am not much of a gamer anymore. I recently switched to Linux, and have not even attempted to game or even install Steam. I just haven't felt the urge to game and I'm just way more interested in taking a break to really learn about computers and the software that runs on them.

and like i said when developer knows that the game is good they will let people try it and review it weeks before it comes out

Part of me wonders if it's an anti-piracy measure.... It's usually the first version that gets pirated.

I don't think so, because consoles are just as bad, and ps4 and xb1 haven't been hacked

The games run like shit because the greedy bastards want your money before they even give you the product. And once they have your money why invest more time into it. Honestly they probably more effort into the E3 demos and trailers than they do to the actual game. Also most devs have swallow the giant console cock and end up skimping the PC release. 

2014 was a sad year for gaming. 

Absolutely, I think they did a great job with the development. The game has had a very rocky past with all the bugs and poor optimization, but for those who waited for the full release they probably never really knew of the optimization issues. I think part of the problem may be that people are expecting to play an Alpha of a game and have no issues at all... It's called an Alpha phase for a reason, and if the customer doesn't understand what that means going in they are foolish to complain.

The real issue at hand I think is when games are sold as a full release but resemble the polish and completion of a Beta phase or even Alpha phase, and sadly this is happening a lot more often lately. The place I see it happening too often is when early access games go directly from Alpha to full release. They plead for money and promise to make a full release and then make a few minor updates and BAM it's full release. Since when is it acceptable to buy a full price game full of bugs?

Anyway, maybe one day people will be smarter with their money... But history has me thinking otherwise.

It's a sad reality for sure. I used to play games as much as I possibly could, and one would have expected to see me continue that trend, but I'm astounded to see that my enthusiasm has been mildly killed.

Part of it likely has to do with my pursuit of a technology career(manufacturing engineering), so my spare time is fairly limited and I prefer to use what little time I have for meaningful and worthwhile things rather than a bunch of cruddy games. Of course I still keep my eyes out for the occasional stellar game, but I'm absolutely not willing to take a gamble on all of the junk that has flooded the market.

Personally I find myself having far more fun building systems and learning about PC hardware, even if I'll never take full advantage of the processing power.

It was indeed, but in one way I think it may have been a rude awakening that we all needed. Many PC gamers likely already are careful about what they are willing to buy, but this last year showed even the console gamers that unfinished products suck ass. Maybe this will finally discourage the completely useless notion of pre-ordering games across the board.