Startup problems


my pc has been assembled and all is well but everytime i plug in a monitor it wont detect anything ive tried 3 monitors and doubt it would be anything else apart from a power supply that might be underkill.ill list the specs incase it helps.

althon x4 760k 

msi 660 

an old seagate barracuda (although i doubt its the problem as it wont post anyway???

i was wondering if i need to have the driver cd in or something?? im not sure ive tried everything i can think f and getting really frustrated 



..and what is this 'underkill' psu exactly?

other specs? board, ram etc.

Are there any beeps with the motherboard speaker attached? If so how many?

Is your ram in the correct slots? (check your manual for placement of a given number of dimms)

Have you checked that everything has the correct power cable inserted?

.. best to diagnose with the motherboard on a table barebone with 1 stick of ram, keyboard, psu, no hdds, & of course the psu. If there continues to be no display, swap out the gpu with a spare one. Swap out ram. Check the cpu has been installed correctly and that the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header (odd yeah but some boards dont like it with default bios settings).

If the psu is underpowering the rig, turf it asap. Low quality dirty power will shorten the life of components and may even damage them.

ok here are the full specs

athlon x4 760k 

4gb corsair vengence 

msi 660 twin frozr 

430w corsair builder series 

asus f2a55-m le

ok no beeps 

this is the full build and i dont think its the power supply anymore (if pc part picker is correct) 

everything spins up all fans on case,cpu and gpu