Firstly I am new to the forum so hello!

I am thinking of installing startisback because I watched Logan's video.

I just want to know one thing...  If I don't like it for some reason will it give me any probllems uninstalling it?


It shouldn't give you trouble. Worse case scenario, you will have to do a Windows refresh

No, no problems uninstalling it. 

(but you really wont want to, as its a stunning little program  

Thanks guys.  I am trying to really really avoid a refresh or reinstall whch is why I am asking.  Just dont wanna do it lol.  It does look like a great program.

startisback is awesome so far.  love booting right into desktop.  Thanks again!

You mean you don't love the Metro app interface thingy?

LOL not at all!

I have uninstalled it with no problems.  I don't think I even had to restart my computer. 

I have since bought the paid version.