Starting to feel like compulsive buyer. Opinions and advice?

This is my first post/thread on this site and have only started learning about building PCs. This will also be kinda long so please bare with me. (In short, I'm really torn between upgrading early on for a couple of things.)

In July my friend got me to build my own computer vs buying a pre-built one (got a DIY combo on Newegg). Very glad he got me into it, because I'm really loving it. Now I'm worried I'm loving it a bit too much. Only two months later and I already want to replace some things (already did for a couple).

I already replaced my CPU cooling unit (had stock Intel fan, switched to Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo) and motherboard (Gigabyte H97M-HD3 to a MSI Z97 Gaming 5). These actually had valid reasons: I was overheating my CPU to the max (100C) just by starting up a game, and I was running into bugs with Gigabyte mobo (error popups, audio jack messages when nothing was actually happening, drivers, etc.), also it was pretty cramped with a Micro ATX when I have a mid tower case.

The problem is that now I even want to re-replace my keyboard and mouse (Reddragon, can't remember the model names) and my case itself (Raidmax Cobra Z).

As for the mouse/keyboard the pair that I got was cheaper than I thought it could be. It was 30$ for them, and the review on it seemed fine, but then again not everyone knows what there all is for a selection. Too much plastic for my liking without any kind of refinement. For a keyboard I'm looking at the Corsair k70 (maybe the RBG if I can fathom the software) Cherry Mx red. I really want a mechanical keyboard and this one seems very promising in both performance and endurance. For the mouse I was looking at the Corsair m45. I only need a couple of buttons and I have a claw grip, so I'm not worried about size much. Also heard it's better than the ones that are at a higher price point from Corsair.

With the case, the back (aka cable management side of the case) is pretty cramped and I'm definitely squishing cables that I have to force myself to ignore. I like that the exterior is mostly steel, but in the end the 'gamer' design of the case looks a little more tacky than I first thought. I was so caught up in the cool look that my inexperience got the better of me. As with most cases, the drive bays are in the way of the front fan. And the holes for the cable management are very meh, in the sense that they are just big gaps all around the board so it looks tacky even on the inside. The case I really want after looking into it is the Corsair (yes, again) Air 540. I love the unique shape and how much space it has. I might get a couple of LED strips later on, but the only thing I'd would get with the case is a couple of dust filters for the top and side vent for the PSU.

So, am I going PC crazy or are these valid enough points to justify at least one of these purchases? I have a lot of free time for the upcoming week, so redoing my whole setup for my case would be no problem.

Thank you for your patience of reading this whole post to whoever got this far.

My current build:
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard
Intel i5-4690K @ 3.5 GHz
2x HyperX 8GB RAM (16GB RAM)
Rosewill Valens 60M PSU
Raidmax Cobra Z (case)

So long as you have the money to do it, it doesn't matter all that much, especially if you're keeping the old parts to sell.

Far as mechanical keyboards go I don't particularly feel the money spent on mine was really worth it, I can type a bit faster with it, and the build quality is solid though. It's a blackwidow tournament with green(MX blue) switches.

if you wanted a case suggestion the HAF XB Evo is rather unique and it comes with hot swap hard drive bays for backing up data, useful if you don't already have a USB hard drive reader, though I tend to work on PCs somewhat regularly, so it'd get more use from me.

Everything you said seems like it has a valid reason. Corsair keyboard are great however I do not think rgb is worth the extra money. For a case I'd suggest something like a fractal design define r5 which should also last you through multiple pcs.

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I have the money, and I'll probably be using the old parts for a build I'm making for someone else.

For the keyboard I know that once I find one that I like I will keep it for a long while (I kept my other one for 6 years). So if it'll last a good while I'm all for the investment.

I'll look into that case a bit more. My only concerns are how I'll be able to work in it (I have big hands) and if my CPU heatsink will be able to fit since it is actually taller than my graphics card. That case definitely has the type of design I would prefer though.

On Amazon I found the RBG version (not vengeance) is only $10 more vs the regular LED so it wouldn't be too much more for me.

I've heard some good things about Fractal, so I'll have to look into that too. Thank you for the suggestion.

The evo is a newer model with a removable hard drive cage that also supports 3.5" drives over 2.5" drives, and it comes with newer fans

It's incredibly easy to work with

Working on your PC is fun. Has somewhat of hot-rodding about it. I spend two hours today tinkering on my solution for placing both my desktop towers each over another. Both of which are Fractals (Core 3500 and 2500). The Core 3500 has okay cable-management space behind the back panel but it's not great (2500 is really not good at all, very little cable space).
The Define R5 has more options than the core series. But I make do with an ATX mobo, gargantuan Noctua CPU cooler (185mm height) and 5x3,5, 2x2,5 and 1 optical drive and have enough space for good airflow, R5 is more fun building in though, although less challenging in my opinion.
Build Quality is okay for budget cases (the pair cost me 110€) and they came with fan speed controller as well as 2 fans. I like the fact that you can remove the front of the case without having to deal with front panel connectivity stuff. The faux-brushed aluminium (it's plastic) on the front looks very nice.

The need for dust filter depends on the room and the position of the system. I have very little dust buildup due to frequent mopping and dusting of the room and the PC standing elevated.

That's actually a really nice setup now that I look closer. I've always been attracted to more unique ideas and that one fits the bill for me. The only two things I feel hesitant to consider it good for me is the seeming lack of a dust filter on the top mesh and I wouldn't trust myself with taking out the ATX tray to cable manage.

The only problem is that I've been ogling the Corsair Air 540 for a while and have come to really like the look and space. I've started to become very picky because I want things just right or they will bug me for a long time. I think what I'll do is keep a tab on it for if I need a case on another build.

Very much fun for me to work on this. Makes me feel like I'm creating something of my own. I'm just a bit disappointed in myself for not researching before getting into it.

As for the Define R5, that's a very sleek looking case. Something that I really love is customization, so that case gets a big plus for me because of that. It might be a bit too minimalist for my taste, but, for the most part, what I said about the Cooler Master case is about the same for this:

If you want a budget mechanical backlit keyboard, the ThermalTake Poseidon series is awesome and can be had with blue or red switches, with the corresponding backlight color, for around $65. I'm typing this on a TT Poseidon with blue switches that I've had since last Christmas, it works great and I'm glad I bought it, but I wouldn't have felt justified to spend much more than that on a keyboard. Then again I'm also a very minimalist only-buy-what-you-need kind of person, I have an $8 unbranded blue mouse from Amazon that looks surprisingly like the TekSyndicate "Chinese Night Market" mouse. Anyway...

Best advice I have is don't buy something you don't have a valid reason for. If you think you'll get use out of it and you have the money, buy it. If you have the money, and it would be super cool, but you don't think you'll use it, don't buy it. I deal with this with certain networking gadgets, for example a NAS. I want to build a NAS but I really don't know that I can justify spending the money on a FreeNAS box, so I might simply buy one of the lower end Thecus models and run OMV on it.

Hope this helps

That's something I always try to keep in mind. I think I did look at Tt keyboard, though I can't remember why I didn't pick it. I'll have to review it again. I'm going to take a while to think about it since I want to be able to keep it for a long time.

I just know that the keyboard/mouse which I got cheap look "cool" but certainly do not perform the part. Very plain and unimpressive.

Do you know of any other keyboards worth mentioning?

as long as your eating and making your bills, whatever

hell i feel bad because i wanna upgrade my pc, and im still on an old sandybridge i5-2500k
its only a couple years old, there isnt anything WRONG with it...
but some games max out the cpu...... soooooooooo i wannnnna blow like 2 more grand on the pc.....

I know those feelings. I was looking for a new computer because all of my games were on low and I considered 30 fps the best I could achieve. It was an Alienware x51. I'm definitely not going back to prebuild PCs, even if it becomes an expensive hobby.

And good luck if you end up upgrading.

The main thing is: do you enjoy this? Tinkering with parts hunting for the best options,... can be very fun. if its your hobby, there is nothing wrong with it - provided you don't end up spending more than you can spend without sacraficing things that are important.

There are electronics hobbiests that spend thousands of dollars on their home lab. Photographers like me for who regularly throw down 4 figures for that new lens or body, even tho I really don't need it.

This is different from issus people have where they buy stuff that just ends up laying in a closet unused. If you don't massively regret the purchase afterwards, you are fine.

Theory build some stuff on.
I love that place

I think that was what I was waiting to hear. That's usually my main concern if I'll actually get enough use out of the stuff that I buy. This is definitely a hobby that I want to continue for as long as I can. Thanks for the input.

I'm gonna stop watching this since I'm satisfied and come to a decision. PC case ordered and gonna do some more research on keyboard/mouses. Thanks everyone!