Starting GCSE Computer science, any tips?

Essentially Computer Science is Computer programming. Just wondering if there is any tips you could give me if you have done it. We are currently doing 'Scratch' but my teacher reassures me that we will be starting the basics like 'HTML' (Which i know) soon.


I wish I could've done CS, I am halfway through IT which utterly sucks, we basically just make powerpoints and excel documents for assignments like: "Mrs Vanko is planning a student open day, make a powerpoint for the school". It is pretty annoying because I expecting coding but got this... And just to rub it in, my school started CS GCSE this year, but it's too late to start it...

Hi - I have studied various computer course and have worked jobs from Sys Admin and now an independent IT consultant with my own company. 

My advice listen to everything even if boring, even if easy, even if out of date because you never know when you will need that information. I have conversations with people even now about my studies at all levels..hell we are having one right now!

Take what they teach you and read more and around that subject. Also give everything a chance don't close off options at this stage. Enjoy it all, even those boring lessons are far more fun than an all day boring meeting at work ;)


Good luck.


Thanks for the advice dude :)

It's a GCSE. Just calm down and listen. You probably won't learn much at all, if anything.

Don't shit on my bonfire.

But, 'tis true.

GCSE tips


Work a little

Cram everything in the day before



from experience- craming is a really, really bad idea...

best to do some work in everything each day. you will remember it better