Starting from scratch - a gaming / video editing build

Hi guys,

I've been away from the PC platform for over five years now but looking to build a multi purpose rig to be used for both gaming and video production - mostly 1080p as well as basic AE and potential to do 3D work - and I could use some advice.

I'm based in the UK so prices are ridiculous and I'm also starting from scratch as only used a laptop in recent years.

Looking for as good a build as possible for around £2000.

I'm not a big FPS fan but love 3rd person action games, RPGs and strategy games and using Adobe CC for work.

Been doing research for a while and head is spinning with the amount of options out there so any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance!


well those 2000 pounds is included peripherels ? you can build alot of computer for 2000 pounds realy.

option 1:

option 2:

option 3:

I think those builds will serv you well. since you use adobe software that probably favours cuda cores i choosed for a GTX780 gpu. i also choosed for an i7 cpu, but i made 3 diffrent options on that. the reason why the i7-4770K is a great cpu. for editing streaming gaming and stuf. the only con is that the 4770K does not have VT-d support for virtualization. this feuture comes handy wenn you work alot with virtual machines and stuf. Thats why i also made a very nice socked 2011 build with a 4820K this cpu has all the feutures, but does also contains more pci-e 3.0 lanes, and a quad chanel memory controller, which can come handy with 3D stuff (and better sli support, if you ever prefer that). i also made an extreme socket 2011 option  with 4930K 6 core 12threads processor, this is the thing you wanne get if you doing heavy productivity stuff, there is not realy something what can compete up with this thing. 

So if you realy want the best cpu for productivity then something like option 3 will be the thing i would personaly look for, offcours case and stuf is personal.

Grtz Angel ☺