Starting developing websites


I just finished high school and have a basic knowledge of coding I want to start developing websites.

I was wondering what is the best IDE for web developing and if you have links to good websites that have like task oriented learning for mysql, php, javascript, html, css and other things that i will need to start developing web sites?


I would like advice from wendell from teksyndicate.

sorry for my english :D


The best IDE for developing websites.... Notepad and if you want to get fancy Notepad++. Noticing where you go wrong manually will make you learn to stop making the mistakes, instead of having something pointing it out. 

w3schools is great for lots of different web oriented stuff.

I'd advice starting with HTML and CSS. Getting static pages and theme control is the best. Move onwards then to PHP which with SQL will allow you to start making dynamic content on webpages.

For static HTML and CSS, you don't need anything special as a web browser will load them straight up. SQL and PHP will require LAMP and an SQL server. If you have a linux server handy, just install apache and add php support along with SQL server (and i'd advice phpmyadmin to help you see what your database is up to (be sure to secure it though))

If you don't have a Linux server handy or a computer you can turn into a Linux server you can just install Linux on a virtual box and configure it to host a LAMP server...Google will be more than adequate on how to accomplish this. isn't for learning though. It's meant to be a "dictionary" for all the web oriented programming languages. A lot of people trash talk it but I think a lot of those people use it/see it as a learning tool instead of a reference.

If you want to learn HTML, CSS, and all the other languages for website creating I recommend

I learned from them and it works great. Also if you want to go HAM you can take notes over all the stuff you are taught. Whether it be syntax or general rules write it down. You will remember it and have something to revert back to. Best of luck man!