Starting C# Programming

Hi Tek forum, I recently started college studying computing in the UK and once of my classes is programming in C#. This is the first ever time I have done this and I am not really getting the grasp of it quite yet. The thing is I am very interested in programming but struggle at it a lot. I am curious to know if their are any websites, books or anything to give me a boost and help get off the starting line in programming in C#. Any advice is much appreciated.



Read the sticky?

"Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional",  it will not take you to a professional level but will teach you enough bases to give you a good start.

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Once you start getting the hang of things, this could serve as a good reference:

For someone who hasn't ever coded before, learning simply by looking at code may be a bit difficult, but this is pretty extensive, and covers most of the basic concepts. Once you feel like you understand it a bit, try giving this one a look. 

Thanks for the links guys much appreciated 

Add to your favourites, you'll find yourself there if you google problems you can't figure out.

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// Is good for testing small bits of code