Starting a Planetside 2 Platoon

PlanetSide 2 Platoon
Vanu Sovereignty

- Must have a PSN account.
- Must be in the Palos US Server.
- Must be part of the Vanu Sovereignty.

- The Platoon Leader (Lieutenant) will communicate with Squad Leaders (Sergeants) through group chat.
- Squad Leaders will then communicate the objectives to their squads.

- If you are a squad leader or platoon leader you may edit an excel document which will allow you to: name your squad, add soldiers to your squad, and add your contact info.
- You may also enter a group text chat with the other squad leaders and the lieutenant. This will allow a line of communication that isn't overly loud.

Position Choosing:
- Any person can be a squad leader provided that they have at least 2 members. (In order to join the excel doc)
- Skilled players may become a Fireteam Guard if they wish. (Lieutenant's Guard)
- Any person can be a Platoon Leader, lieutenant, if they have control over 2 squads.
- Any person can be a soldier, squad leader will recruit you. (Not based on skill or level)

There will be a manual made for squad leaders and lieutenants if enough people join.
Below there will be a excel document layout of how the Platoons, squads, and fireteams will be organized.

Contact Info:
PSN: Btappin
Skype: brandonmarhal