Starter bike for a learner in Australia any suggestions?


Looking for suggestions for a learner bike preferably under 600 CC's any suggestions? .I like the looks of a naked bike but i am open to a variety of opinions sport, cruiser and so on, i live in NSW Australia so i have some restrictions with power to weight all suggestions would be very much appreciated.

A sachs would do fine. Bigger than a moped smaller than a dirt bike. 250cc is common. German made but I think they're still around :P easy to fix too if you know what is where. Just don't get a super old one because parts are limited 3:

Honda Rebel. That is all.


Honda VTR 250cc is a great starter bike from what I hear. If I ever get into motorcycles I'm probably gonna start there.

I had as my first bike a CB200T from the 70's. It was great.
Later had a Seca 550 and took that once from San Diego to NY via FLA.

I would look for something in the 400 dollar range. On chick related to me how her first bike was a Yamaha Vision, very topheavy for a 550. First time she dropped it she realized she could not get it back up. At the time she had a Harley 883, much heavier but not as top heavy and she loved it.
These are anecdotes rather then suggestions since most of what I know about bikes is 25 years out of date:)
My fav that I never got to own was a Gpz 550, I always loved the cafe racer style but they seem to be no more.

if they ever brought them over there beull blasts are a great starter bike.

Heh, I'm the opposite. Got rid of my classic v65 magna and looking for a postie that isn't 3000 US for some slow ridin' good-ness.