Started reviewing Anime


Around a few months ago, i got into watching Anime. Now i have begun to review Anime after watching countless other reviews and thinking to myself, "I wonder if i could do that?". Anyway to get to the point, i have been apart of this forum for a while now and i believe it to be quite mature so i was wondering if anyone could critic and give me constructive criticism so i can learn from my mistakes and improve my reviewing for next time.


good review, although your english is hard to understand for me, because it sounds like you speak english with an accent and also you talk pretty fast, like in zero punctuation. so maybe try talking a bit more slowly so its easier to understand

First off I want to mention that at some points your speech speeds up, to the untrained ear they may miss a lot of information you are saying. You have a slight accent (I could easily understand but some might get annoyed, depends on your demographic of viewers) and with speeding up your speech, like in the beginning, some people might have to play the video again to understand. Towards the middle to the end the speed of your speech was desirable, in my opinion. What you could while making a point or stating your opinion (amazing fight scenes) is drawing a comparison from other anime you have seen that way the view has something in mind that they may agree or disagree with.

Thanks for the feedback!

Quite a bit of people tell me i have an accent that might make it difficult for people to understand me sometimes, so i will work on slowing down when speaking to make myself clearer. Also, i think comparisons would be a great idea to include. 

Thank You for the Feedback!

Sorry that you found it hard to understand me - I will try to work on slowing down when speaking!

Maybe add captions to the review?


I'm very grateful for the feedback

By Captions, do you think that it would be better to add little consise captions of the key points of the review, or just try caption the majority of it?


Thanks for the improvement

The general mist of the criticism is that my accent and talk speed make it hard to understand. Next time, i will try add subtitles to improve. 

Focus on series that haven't been done to death by hundreds of other people, for one. I never see the purpose in reviewing anything that's so huge because there's nothing you can say that hasn't already been said by countless others.

This also ties in with getting people to watch older things that they've never heard about, but are very good. Like The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, which is a borderline masterpiece.

Pretty good review.  Nice use of sound FX gimmicks and pacing between serious and humorous commentary.  I thought It was a good balance.

When talking about characters and naming them out, it would be a good idea to point out who they're visually.  Unless this review was strictly aimed at those who have seen the anime.  when you were talking about some of the characters development, you had a slow pan of all the characters crossing the screen.  It kind of threw me out from the rest of the video.  I kept thinking, "Who's he talking about?"

May have looped the same visuals a bit too much near the end.

Keep up the good work ^_^!

Much obliged!

In response to your comment, i completely agree. To be honest i could call myself rather lazy and unadventurous by reviewing Attack on Titan due to it being done by loads of other people. However, for the future i will make sure to review other less known Anime. Also ill be sure to check out The Irresponsible Captain Tylor.

Thank you for the kind words and the critism :)

Looking back over it now, i see how it would be very confusing for people who hadn't seen the Anime - I need to remember which audience im targeting! Also thank you for the motivating words