Started new website with letter to humanity

I am not very tech savvy but I wanted to share my website that I created so I could post my letter to humanity. I am sure my website needs work. Feel free to criticize or give any advice it would be appreciated. I also recorded my letter, and included a link to youtube for those that would rather listen than read. I need to record it again because the volume is too low. I have a new mic on the way.

My letter is very controversial I really tried to steer clear of any religion. What ever your views may be, I do respect them. Consider this from a non-religious point of view. These are just my current ideas on things we can do to help our world. I do not hold fast to any of my views. I am able to learn and grow. This is just a letter of opinions from my current state of understanding. If you disagree with some of my views, don't let that stop you from going further in the letter because it is ok to disagree on things. Maybe I will have other views that jive with yours. Here is the link.

UPDATE My letter to humanity is to the right, on the page. I have just posted a new letter so it put the letter to humanity in the past posts.


Oh boy. This is gonna take a lot of cups of coffee to read through and contemplate about.


Thank you for your consideration in reading. Several cups of coffee indeed. :)

I didn't read it all. I did read enough to know I disagree with you fundamentally.

That is fair. I understand my thoughts are controversial. But I think they are important, my ideas may be incorrect and also my views. Because there is alot I don't know. I am only basing them on what I think I know. But what ever my thoughts are the issues are real. But I totally understand it would be hard to agree with my words because they are pretty painful to say the least.

Also, as a writer I have some points that for the love of all the gods I beg you to take to heart:

  • Paragraphs are your friend.
  • The thesaurus is your friend.
  • Try to make your sentences complete thoughts.
  • Don't contradict yourself. At least not so quickly.
  • Do some research, and look for actually objective sources.

Also, you should try to get to the point a little quicker. I'm sorry to say but I couldn't read enough of that to actually figure out what you were trying to say.

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You could always listen to the recording. But it would probably just be the same boring. I can't get to the point more quickly because then the reader would not be able to know where I am coming from if they didn't hear the whole story. They have to understand where I am coming from, and why in order to understand the rest of the letter. It is not for everyone. The digital bubble is very comfy and our minds have been conditioned to only want to see things, or watch things that are more fast paced, because it captures your mind and flows you on in a continuous stream of the mind. We call that entertainment. On the other hand you have a letter like mine with no fast paces, no entertainment value. Only serious words, and things no one wants to face. My letter is something that makes you look deeply, and feel in your heart rather than for entertainment value.

And that excuses any of my points?

Sorry that reply was to Dexters post.
Yeah I agree with you about my paragraphs. I also was thinking the same thing. But I couldn't find an appropriate spot to break for a paragraph because it was all the same subject. But bad editing and grammar aside it is the words that are meant to be taken to heart. Even if written in sand, it is the value of the words rather than what they look like written down. If it is unreadable it can be listened to. But it may not be interesting for you though. Hmmm not sure what else to say.................

Also I didn't feel I needed to put any sources because they are all big things that everyone knows about. Who needs to see a news story to know that Fukushima melted down?! Who needs to be told that oil is gushing in the sea, or that sea life is dying? We see it on the news every day. We see war on the news and people dying who are the most innocent. Everyone knows these sources already. I put a link to RSOE, that should be sufficient.

The truth is that humanity may not be ready for a message like mine. But if we don't wake up, and stop our current path of destruction, we will never get that chance to be ready, because we will no longer exist.

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No. You're assuming what I meant in a way that is advantageous to you.

  • No one knows anything whatsoever without vetted, objective sources. (Those can include your eyes. But only if you're actually THERE!)
  • Fukushima melted down NOT because nuclear power is bad. This one really fucking gets to me. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Modern, 3rd & 4th generation reactors are SAFE. But no one will build them! Why? Because the 1st and 2nd generation ones have problems, and because people don't do the NECESSARY research.
  • Where is oil currently gushing into the sea? Where, currently? Oil is fucking valuable -- many people call it "black gold." NO ONE would allow oil to just gush into the sea. Not people who care about the environment, obviously, but also NO ONE involved with oil production or industry either. Because that's like putting money through the office shredder! Yes. Tankers occasionally fail. That is a necessary risk. It doesn't matter if you are transporting whale oil for fuel or oil for fuel, either way you're occasionally going to have a small disaster.
  • Don't trust the news. They are NOT objective. They are NOT journalists. They are capitalists who just want your eyeballs for 10 or 15 or 30 minutes so they can sell ad space. They report on the worst shit, leaving out any indications of progress wherever possible, because PEOPLE GET SUCKED into it. Like you have.
  • A single source isn't sufficient. Further, I don't know what RSOE is. When I searched it, I found a disaster news service. That's not a helpful source. Even if we assume it is a helpful source, for the sake of argument... the only 4/5 severity disaster listed on that front page is a DROUGHT. A drought. A NATURAL PHENOMENON.

What you are doing here is something I'd quite literally call "non-violent terrorism." It's not fact based. It's fucking attempted demagoguery.


Well I must say, nice use of paragraphs.

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Technically, a poorly used bulleted list. Still what you've said is quite valid.

However you've dodged my points again.

Man, that's a hell of a way to critique someone's work.


I edited my letter somewhat to try and make it more reader friendly. Hopefully that helps. I also put up a new video on my you tube channel. I will include a link just incase anyone wants to check it out. Also another link to my website.

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Governments, private sector organizations, and the very wealthy will do whatever they want. You see those factions consider themselves ABOVE human as a species so us majority little people will always be left to fight for a future on our own. We will probably be fighting off World War / Starvation / Political Doomsday Plots / Aliens and eventually Abandonment, in due time. I just hope enough smart scientific type people stick around to help us pull through it. Odds are definitely not in our favor!


Well I tried to get through it all and got half way.

Myself I have all but given up hope for humans. Maybe I am apathetic. I just go along for the ride these days and science and technology are interesting to me and I want too see what happens next with them.

There is nothing wrong with our energy usage. In fact as China and India's people coming up to our (im in Australian btw) standard of living expecting cars and air conditioning and clean water. The planets energy consumption will rocket regardless what the US does.

Lets take the USA for instance. Going green with solar, wind, hydro and modern nuclear is WAY to expensive. Spending trillions on war is a no brainier. That is why we are doomed.

The fact is we are all one people on a little rock circling a billions of years of a power source and we are to busy killing each other like vermin. I blame religion and lack of education.

Can we fix it. I doubt it, humans are stupid. I'm almost ashamed to be one.


Sometimes I feel the same way. But if we really all just woke up, we could change everything. Let us say that we are all doomed and nothing we can do will stop what is coming. But I know if someone breaks in my house, I will not let them kill me without trying to fight back. We should at least raise our voices, if nothing else. We can't take it lying down.

But maybe we will not wake up in time maybe the flood is coming and almost here. But we should at least try, even if no one else is. If you know a flood is coming and you have any smarts you will start heading for high grounds. It is something we can do without war, and without revolution. We can awaken with evolution. We can evolve from our small minded ways of living and how we see the world. We can awaken peacefully and just stop living in an imagined world.

Stop and take a look around you and see that you are alive here and now, and live your life truly. Not living stuck in a dark box where you live in an imaginary world. But really really see the world around us. This alone would influence our behaviors. Also realize that every little thing we do even our thoughts effects everyone else. We would take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and build this world to be a better place for all beings.

No matter how much humanity lets us down, don't ever give up. There is too much to loose. I hope that with my last breath, I will work and fight to save humanity. We should never give up. Because change is really possible.

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