Started a Petition: Keep The Internet Free and Open! ;

The reason why I start this petition is for the sake of Internet Freedom.

Based on what has been going on with the internet, something needs to be done to put all new regulations in to keep the internet free and open; however help keep the piracy rate down alongside.

Three bills that were proposed were, SOPA, PIPA and CISPA, which many of us know about. They were terrible bills that would severely infringe upon our first amendment rights for sure. If they had become into law, it would have killed off jobs, innovation and a way to keep our education moving forwards.

I'm honestly glad those bills have been shot down. Now we have a new problem, dealing with the six strike program that some of the major internet providers including Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T and other companies. Most companies are rumored to have the Six Strike Program implemented around November 28th, some might implement sooner

Basically how it works is within the first three strikes against you, there is no consequences; just basically small warnings. The fourth and fifth strike is when the that customer/internet user is needed to take a short and brief online tutorial so educate them, that is in order to get back on to the websites with the copyrighted material. On the last strike, the internet provider will allow the content creators/owners to take legal action. However, there needs to be a court order telling the internet provider to turn over subscriber's personal information to that person or company that owns that material. This was based on AT&T's plan.

There are positives and negatives to all the “Six Strikes.” One of the positive to this, it will help find the source of the site that is distributing the copyrighted material, on the other hand it will accuse innocent people who did not do anything wrong (which is one of my greater concerns). Help educate people on securing their networks more tightly. Another negative is that these policies will slow some areas down in the educational field, also reducing innovation in some areas. This Copyright Alert System also will infringe on our right of privacy and also infringe upon due process in some cases. Again, I must reiterate; this will have a negatively impact overall on the internet.

Based on these facts, there needs to be legislation banning internet providers from trying to take control of the internet. Please propose legislation to give us U.S. Citizens more protection against policies the Six Strike Policy. Granted the piracy rates are still up, but the companies already have the tools needed to take action. I will try to keep you posted about this current issue.

In my opinion, I find policies like this to create corruption for the companies, making even more money on the backs of innocent people like me and millions of other internet users. Decrease the performance of the educational system, stifle innovation and possibly shorten the growth of jobs here on the homelands on which we live, breathe and nurture from. Please help keep the internet free and open to promote job growth, better education; the most important of all, innovation!

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I hope the whole internet gets shut down.