Started a Build, Seeking Advice

Looking to build a Gaming PC, to run games such as AC:U, WoW, CoD, CS:GO, BF4.

replaced PSU, 100-B1-0600-KR, is made by HEC :/

GPU - nice

RAM - wtf is team vulcan. also, look at the timings not just freq.

optional: save money on that h60

optional: case, maybe a cheap fractal?

Thanks, I was also wondering if there was anything I could do to drop the total cost?

EVGA 600B is on par with Corsair's CX lineup - I'd actually take it over a Corsair CX.  Yes, it's HEC, but it's not bad.  It's also much cheaper than the one you've added.

Team Vulcan, as well as other Team brands are much more popular in China.  Timings are not bad for 2133 memory as well.

+1 on Hyper 212

Went with a beefier motherboard that can handle the power draw of an FX-8350.