Started A Beginners Series For Linux

Hi everyone just letting you know that I started a series on my YouTube for beginners to Linux if it gets popular enough ill continue to make it on a regular schedule.

Episode 1 is here : Episode 1
Episode 2 is here : Episode 2
Episode 3 is here : Episode 3
Episode 4 is here : Episode 4
Episode 5 is here : Episode 5
Episode 6 is here : Episode 6
Episode 7 is here : Episode 7
Epiisode 8 is here : Episode 8


Episode 2 coming this Monday

In this episode I will be covering
Video capture
Video editing
Installing Open Broadcaster
Audio Capture
And More

Good video. I only ask that should try and sound a bit more enthusiastic. I suggest you continue to do these because people are always google/youtube search 'How To' videos on Linux. So I hope to see many of your videos on Linux up. Video quality was great as well.

Keep up the good work

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thanks I'll try to be more enthusiastic I'm just testing out some settings with my audio to try and get the sound to near perfect quality. If you enjoy the videos please subscribe ill be doing the Linux videos every Monday from now on.

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not bad but if i was looking for a tutorial for linux i would like to understand what it download updates while installing means im not saying i dont but if a noob is watching your video they may be wondering on what it means and if its a good idea to click it

I'm sure that this is a really noob question, but I'll ask anyways.... Can I install Linux on an external USB TB drive and boot from it when I want.... also use it for travel to give me linux where ever I go...

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Yeeup! In fact, there's a program called Linux Live that will format whatever external hardware you want to boot from (USB, or CD) and install a live version of linux that you can use to boot from. I'm not quite sure how persistance works with that sorta thing (tbh, I'm pretty new to it myself), but the usb route is definitely a a viable and popular option.



sure you can install linux to a usb drive or a flash drive if you want I can do an episode on it

Episode 2 Now Out :

This episode shows some good free and opensource tools for video capture and editing

Yup, a live install with persistence If I'm not mistaken...

the simple solution is to burn the installer to a usb flash drive and boot it to the installer then plug in the usb hard drive or flash drive and select the drive you want to install on. but it can take a while depending on what usb drive your using etc.

Episode 3 Out Now Here : Episode 3 which covers how to setup a dual boot with windows

recommend to do a video on compiling code.

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Instead of installing potentially outdated software from the usb stick, it'll directly install the latest versions of software from the internet.

If you don't select it, then next time when you reboot, you'll get a notification about having "found updates for 123 packages".

Selecting it is a shortcut, it's potentially more secure for your computer, but depending on your internet speed, or if you're just testing and don't care about updates for some reason, you might want to install packages from usb if that's faster, and get your computer running sooner.

Ill do an advanced series for that

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yep sounds about right. since alot of software is open source on linux it would make sense to make a video about compiling the code.

There should be a video on installing Nvidia Drivers on Fedora... ouch !

well looks like I have plenty of stuff to cover in the videos for now xD