Start-Up Problems

After overclocking my i5 2500k with an H100, and checking the max load temps every .2 or .3 ghz, i reached a good temp and performance at 4.5 ghz (and about 70c at max load). It ran fine until the next day when i attempted to turn the system on. After trying to turn it on, all the fans would begin to spin for about 10 or 15 seconds and then just shut down completely, then begin to attempt to start up again and repeat the cycle over and over. I am fairly certain it is not a psu issue (i have a good 1000w gold certified psu), and was wondering what it could possibly be, and how i could possibly fix the problem?


Also could i somehow reset the bios if it is an over overclocking issue?

Clear the Cmos and try to boot after that, it should essentially reset your BIOS, and if there isnt a jumper or switch there may be 2  pins labeled that you have to use a screwdriver or something to make the pins connect. just look at  your Motherboard Manual to find the instructions on how to Clear the CMOS, and if you have problems after that theres a small chance your Motherboard could have bit the dust.

thanx for the response, ill try it tomorrow (its like 2 am right now).

I managed to clear the cmos i think ( when i touched the contacts together it reset the mobo), but it is still doing the strange spontaneous shut down thing.

Oh i found the issue, apparently my ram wasnt in the correct spots, I have no idea why is worked yesterday and not today.