Starship SN9 Live High Altitude Flight Test

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T-1 minute

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Hope the make the landing this time?

boom big boom. nope not landing.

whats the estimated cost to make one of them… 10-15 million? or lower?

No idea. All part of the process though. Two successful 12km test flights, two sets of data from failed landings is only a good thing.

SN8 recap


o.o SN8 was a better landing attempt just to much speed. SN9 was to late on the rotation with not enough rotation.

Seems only one engine relitt. Resulting in not being able to perform the flip maneuver properly.

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Yeah, I think they ran out of fuel last time, didn’t they? Looked like they still had plenty of that this time, but weren’t able to properly reorient in the time remaining.

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on takeoff i noticed a flame on the main body of the engines. so it could have been a malfunction.

Last time, they lost preassure in the methane header tank, causing one of the engines to be starved and losing thrust. This may or may not be related to that.

That is probably unrelated, during 150m hops there were multiple times were there were flames coming of one or multiple of the engines, and was considered normal.

We’ll probably know the actual cause in a few days.

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We can look forward to the SN10 test flight this month assuming no issues

Actual cause is either a failed seal or a rupture. If you look early on in the flight you will see fire around the top of one of the engines. That is not supposed to be there. It was fine on the way up because there was enough pressure and flow for it to maintain. When they tried to fire back up the amount of pressure was very low especially with the other engine going. You can see it flame out above the engine then try to start but, with it leaking by up above it is not going to fire off like it should. At least that is my hypothesis.

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