StarMade Star Wars Death Star Build, Full Scale

If you don't know already, there's a game called StarMade, a voxel game set in space.  You can design your own ship with some basic principles and that's just about it for now since it's in alpha, but very solid game mechanics. I will run a server for it that will be up 24/7.  All that needs to be done to make this is a plan for every deck, every docking bay, every ship that will adorn it, turrets, decoration, and to top it all off, a planet destroying beam (missile in this case, will still look cool though).  Also need all of the other ships.  This will be hard to do, but I have faith in the abilities of the people on this forum.

IP: (Please don't exploit my routers IP, just trying to be a nice guy here) 

Death Star

I can help you but i never played this game.

I will look into this

Hope to see you two on the server soon.