Star Wars:

Just in case you wanted to see:

I have to admit nothing exciting to see, but if that was rendered with an in game engine... It does look like it may have potential.


thanks for putting that up

it will be nice to see a company get star wars right for once - time will tell

I have been dreaming of this exact thing (Battlefront on Frostbite) since Bad Company first came out.  This is surreal.  

I screamed when i saw the AT-AT


you seriously just rick rolled Obi Wan Kenobi

I want this game...




to be developed by someone other than Dice. Dice do not know how to do FPS particularly well.

Im not worried about Dice, its EA im worried about

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Here, Dice. Let me balance those weapons a little better than you did...

fucking lel haha

haha that was rather funny, okay maybe they could do a better job but still, Battlefront... in Frostbite, its still going to be epic

I hope so :D So many hours on the first two Battlefront games.

Its up there as one of my top 3 favourite games, I shall look forward to co-op , whipping your ass for days

I'm a beast. 1v1 me, bro.

I used to put reinforcement up to 500% and complete the round in one life. GOML

I bet your an uber scrub, its really depressing though that I am super hyped but it does not come out for another year, and that year will most likely turn into 18 months 

This will be cool but knowing the reputation of EA, will probably suffer from the usual: micro transactions, always on DRM, and of course day 1 "on disk" DLC. :(


Yeah but... that way we might get a working game!

I'm pretty reasonable at most online FPS games. Red Orchestra 2 being one of my top games. But I am held back in BF4 by invisible walls, being stuck on a tiny rock, getting killed in cover, or getting killed by people that aren't facing me. Too much bullshit. I won't let Dice fuck up Battlefront :'c

This is the reboot I have been waiting for.

^ DLC trailer right here.

It is THE reboot

Jedi mind got tricked