Star Wars with too much lens flare

So now that JJ Abrams is taking over as the director for Star Wars episode 7 will he elevate or demote the series? Will the 7th episode feature Thrawn or will it be another trilogy?  What do you think?

needs more lens flare

All the lens flare.

They need to either visit the new jedi order era or the old republic. I want HK-47.

Can he really do any worse then the last 3 George Lucas abortions?

I don't know. We'll have to see how he pulls off the new Star Trek movie and go from there, but for now it looks promising. Remember mrPlinkett's reviews? Well, take a look at this:

Clearly, JJ knows what he's doing. (At least in theory.) So I won't expect the same mistakes George Lucas made. I mean, if you wanna see how not to make a movie, look at the prequels. 

 Also, making Star Wars is a bit easier than making Star Trek, because Star Trek's main format is series. You don't need explosions distracting you all the time. The dialogue, the characters, the story and the moral dilemmas are much harder to convey with a movie. You need a series. That's why a lot of trekkies think the 2009 movie was a good action movie, but a bad Star Trek movie. 

Star Wars, on the other hand, was a movie from the beginning. When Star Wars came out in 1977, there were no Star Wars fans. No books, no comics, no games, nothing! The movie itself was good. (and had amazing special effects for the time). That's part of the reason the prequels sucked. You shouldn't have to read a bunch of books and comics to understand a film. A film should be an independet work of art, and JJ Abrams seems to understand this.

That really depends how much lucas is still in charge. Does anyone know if he still has any say over the series i could totally see him asking for some kind of clause in the contract for him to control the tone or something of the movies. How were the star trek movies that abrams did?

I dont blame george lucas for making bad starwars movies. I blame all the people around him someone had to have saw what was going on. Someone should have been like maybe you should sit this one out george.

Best Star Wars movies was Empire Strikes Back - it wasn't directed by GL, A New Hope was by far GL directed Star Wars, lost it for me with Return of the Jedi - Ewoks, come on

Yeah. Still, I can't believe noone said anything after the first film. The other two sucked less, but still. So much flaws. Characters you don't give a shit about, lame editing - the list just goes on and on.

Very hard to disagree with mrPlinkett. But I digress.

Here's hopping that JJ Abrams and Disney do a better job.

(oh, and yeah. Ewoks are crap. If George had just replaced ewoks with wookies...)

  With the Return of the Jedi Darth Vader and the evil empire dies. This was the “and they all lived happily ever after” movie ending. So how do you go back and create new villains for the good to conquer evil all over again? I’m afraid this is going to turn out to be another “Lawnmower Man” part 2.

Not necessarily. It was always rumored that episodes 7-9 were going to be a thing. I think George Lucas actually publicly said a couple of times that they were going to do 7-9, but he ended up doing the prequels instead.

I'll be happy with anything really, I don't think there is anything they can really do to satisfy the swathes of raving neckbeards but hey, a few new movies to look forward to, and JJ Abrams. Why not?

I like JJ Abrams, everyone always jokes about the lens flare, but in my mind, if thats all you can go on obviously the director is doing something right, im younger so i dont have much bias but my dad was and still is a huge star trek fan (he also love star wars) and Really Enjoyed JJ abrams version, so im hoping it can be done well but not overdone.

Abrams better make a new trilogy about the Yuuzhan Vong War. It was by far the one of the worst conflicts the galaxy has ever faced and it put the New Republic's might to the test.

(Spoilers inside) 

They could go any where with the new triogly, as the stuff aroud star wars if not film cannon, at best it is fan fiction, rather like Dr Who after it was canceled in 1989.  Disney may leave it alone to take on it's darker themes but it is box office that rules.

George Lucas IS to blame for the prequels sucking. Good thing we got it out of his hands before it completely went down the tubes. JJ also has acknowledged his gratuitous use of lens flare in the Star Trek movie, so it's not like he's clueless.