Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Nov. 12, 2015 UPDATE!) TV Spot #3

I can't express how excited i am for this film. I love Star Wars so much, and even tried to go in to the movie 100% fresh, not having seen any news or trailers..... that lasted 1 week. Then i watched the teaser and was blown away. the second teaser trailer nearly parylized me with anxiety and excitement. I have since watched it about 50-60 times.

Yesterday, There was a Star Wars panel at ComicCon. As they never live stream from Hall H, i was actually reading TWO different liveblogs and refreshing a star wars news site during the event. Shortly after, they released a behind the scenes reel..... It is breathtaking.

Having seen Mad Max: Fury Road (which i loved), I feel that there may be a renaissance of big budget practical effects again. Jurassic world was a huge let down. I didn't hate it, but it was no where near the level of the original. So many instances of CGI that could have EASILY been practical. Especially the opening hatching sequence.

Just seeing everything that is real and tangible in this new Star Wars.... it is exciting. I have no doubt that this will be a fantastic film.

I have already watched it like 5 times.. about to do so again. :)
I will also post up some pics and information.

the name of General Hux's base is called 'Starkiller; (this was the original last name of Luke Skywalker)

New TIE Fighter and pilot (Toys)

I grew up watching Star Wars and playing Star Wars games. Disney purchasing the franchise was extremely depressing. I wonder where it will go from here. Battlefront 3 looks like a flop, but I'll get it. I've been playing KOTOR and Battlefront for 13 years so I hope EA gets its shit straight. As for the movie... I don't have an opinion. The third movie was my least favorite so far.


Well i am a fan of Star Wars in general. Yes, even the prequels, lol. Although, i personally thought the last one was the strongest of the prequels, but there you go.

Regardless, you may very well like this one. The original cast is back, a story that can literally go anywhere (since it isn't a prequel), they are shooting on film and using/building real things (as opposed to digital and all CGI). I personally don't hate Digital, but the fact that it seems to be the exact opposite of the movies you dislike, and fall in line with the movies you love, seems to bode well for you.

Fun Fact: no clone trooper armor was built for Episode 3. Every single trooper was CGI. as you can tell, that is not the case here. Also, Abrams is using real explosions, not that 'Transformers CGI' nonsense.


Is that Revan?!

why would you buy BattleFront 3 if you all ready know it will be a flop and worse than 2, which is still going strong online by the way.

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I assume you are talking about Kylo Ren? if so, then no... That is Kylo Ren lol

Here are some pictures for you.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

Snow Trooper

Flame Trooper



But 2 still is running? No need for nostalgia, I am confused, sounds like a waste of money on an inferior product to me. You can still buy 2 as well...

Edit, @Weston damn that sabre hilt is a 3d print? Nice. Probably that super high quality shape ways stuff.

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I still play 2... Even created a thread for mods

Would have loved to have consolidated this with my original Force Awakens thread... but for some reason it was closed after 1 month of inactivity..... T_T

New South Korean tv spot.. new footage!

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dang... was he making a potato salad? that is a lot of mayonnaise.

To quote the great Kevin Smith:


Skip to 13:00 (ish)

I have seen every interview/video of Kevin Smith's regarding Ep 7. I thought it was funny that the Star Wars SDCC panel left Kevin Smith's panel at like half capacity XD. First CC where he didn't get a full audience.

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I don't find it surprising.

After all, it's the wars. (kudo's if you get the reference)

That mask does look like the one Revan wore. I wonder if they'll reference KotOR by saying something about Kylo Ren finding Revan's mask on some forgotten planet, or some shit.

It's not Revan's mask.

It kind of looks like it, though.

In that it's a mask yes, other than that, they look nothing alike to me.

this is the only star killer