Star Wars: Rogue One: Who's Going?!

First Teaser comes tomorrow..... let the hype train commence!

Here is some info, and a couple second of what is to come.

This new helmet design is no surprise, as Donnie Yen tweeted out a pic last year....

Eager to see Alan Tudyk's character, as it is said it will be a droid.... possibly motion capture.
And Vader is more than likely in this flick, with some reporting that there is a scene where he uses a stormtrooper as a shield from blaster fire. I hope we get some James Earl Jones in the teaser tomorrow.

There will be some older music used from John Williams (obviously the title crawl) but this is the first Star Wars to be scored by another person. So, hopefully it lives up.

December 16th can't come soon enough

UPDATE: Teaser Trailer!



what is it?

A tv show? A game? Animated?

its a star wars movie.... seems like disney is gonna milk star wars franchise

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It is a stand alone live action film, not connected to the new trilogy. This story takes place before A New Hope, and shows how the Rebels got the plans to the original Death Star, which is how Luke was able to destroy it.

Cast looks awesome. And Vader will be back.

@gostorsevil As long as they keep making awesome stuff, i am down lol. It is like a dream. Honestly never thought there would be anymore star wars films after RotS.

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cool... as long as they take their time and make it a masterpiece not just some summer blockbuster fodder.

the trailer is up!

that green atats looks awesome


Looks great! I shall repost the trailer in the original post. thanks :)

Such a different vibe... it is refreshing. I am thinking that this IS NOT Vader... never seen him with a hood.

Mon Mothma!

Dear God... Gotta love this shot. I am assuming Tarkin.


yeah i hope its darker than tfw

Yeah probably not Vader. I mean with Disney not sticking to the expanded Universe's story line(s) and even if they did, they would have a lot of room for new or already existent characters. Though I think Vader will probably make an appearence. Still waiting on Disney to make a Darth Bane movie :(

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The Great Admiral Thrawn !!!!!!!!!!!

Who else wore white in Star Wars?!


or snoke??? meybe??? nah

Let the milking and killing of everyone's childhood begin.


Ok. So I just watched it... I'm almost convinced that is a Character akin to "The Great Admiral Thrawn" The movie looks darker than your traditional Star Wars.


I'm not sure how I feel about that trailer.
That is not Star Wars.

But I can't really judge until I watch it.

Rey again? Great let's have another female character with no flaws and no character arc and everyone else will fail around her to make her look super competent at everything. Star Wars is more than the Death Star... we need a fett story starring Rory McCann. Or even venture into the Expanded universe and do a darth bane story


Hell NO !

Fett was a chump in the originals. If it wasn't for the EU Fett wouldn't have legendary status, and since Disney disregarded the EU, he's still a chump !

The eu is 100x better than the film lore. Largest fictional universe ever conceived. It's like comparing a coloring book to lord of the rings


Thank the Maker !

I want a KOTOR / SWOTOR movie !!!!!!!

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