Star Wars Cantina

BS, what is the point of using negative emotions to channel the dark side of the force if they’re going make you weaker??

Disney will release a new Star Wars trilogy that will be written by Benioff and Weiss. Disney will also make more Star Wars TV shows.

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I have a bad feeling that we will lose the Falcon in the next movie.

In Solo or the next numbered release? Because Solo is supposed to be about his early days.

Actually no. We had The Clone Wars CGI show. We had a constant flow of Star Wars games. I would have hoped that we could have gotten a Shadows of The Empire movie. We had content going in other forms of media that kept us entertained.

Tar and feather me all you want. In my opinion Disney buying Star Wars was a big mistake.

Star Wars fatigue will happen and people will get tired of them.

Star Wars should be savored. There used to be a huge time gap and then we would get a surprise teaser or trailer.

Next release. Episode 9.


I wouldn’t be surprised, but it seems the kids are taking a liking to the Falcon, so they might wind up keeping it. Either way, I’m not looking at these as Star Wars anymore.

A popular opinion, from day one.

half the problem is the release cadence is on par with that of web developers. You can’t release a movie every year and expect people to stay interested.

The worst part to me is that they seem to leech onto the original trilogy and milk it. And in the process they are destroying it.

They destroyed the future Han, and now I fear they will do so with past.

Why can’t they make backstory to Poe, or Snoke, or their own characters. DON’T FUCKING RUIN THE STORIES YOU DIDN’T MAKE!


That they are. They are also stealing from old EU. Even the new droid in Solo movie look like Dash Rendars droid Leebo.

New Droid

Leebo from Shadows of The Empire.

I can appreciate this sentiment.

What really pissed me off is how they destroyed the EU and then ripped what they wanted from it. These movies have no creativity except for making the First Order look a bit like Nazis, and that’s not very creative.

Don’t even get me started on what they’ve done to the force.

Hi, I’m Rey, I’m an absolute nobody who, without any formal training whatsoever was able to best Luke Fucking Skywalker. To add to that, after I manage to get him to train me, I learn so fast it’s almost as if I don’t need him.

Hi, I’m the president of the Darth Vader fan club, But you can call me Kylo. I’m super moody because my mom and dad never loved me, I have the character depth of a puddle, and the most interesting thing about me is that I’m such a failure as a force user that couldn’t even forge a proper Light Saber.

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I’ll be honest here, I didn’t read anything from EU but the Revan book long ago, and Wookiepedia :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind them taking ideas from EU and incorporating them back into the new canon. IF IT WAS ANY GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE. I can kinda see why they just shrugged the EU off. It seems too vast to incorporate into their own stories.
But that’s the problem innit, they want to push their stories, and those stories just shit on everything before them. So what’s the point of them trying to integrate EU, if they don’t even want to integrate with films.

I didn’t so much mind that they ripped it down, but the fact that they ripped it down so they could shamelessly rip it off and make millions? That’s some class A fuckery right there.

That’s a fair point, but the EU isn’t something that needs to be incorporated into everything. I’ve always looked at the EU as what the “Star Wars Story” films are about. Backstories and additional content for the obsessed.

Exactly. And the quality of the new movies makes me want to go re-watch Phantom Menace.

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I was under the assumption that Empire drew its style heavily from Nazi Germany army. The officers in particular, as well as the AT-ST.

Disney just made them ideologically the “video game bad guys”. And made them look more in tune with modern sci-fi looks.

Again, they absolutely don’t give 2 shits about pre-established lore. It really feels like fanfic, a shitty one I might add. Even when I was a kid and was running around with a stick with my friends playing Jedi vs Sith, imagining we had this over the top powers. We always made it balanced without even thinking about it.
Even when I could stop the space ship with the force, dude could lightning storm me. I couldn’t just decide I am invincible force ghost.

Shit now I want to be a kid, and run around with pretend-lightsabers-sticks again.


I loved that show. The graphics were amazing in my opinion. The story was also good. I was sad that they cancelled the show.

I fullheartedly agree with you.

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Disney is all about kid friendliness in my opinion. This is why, I imagine they made the universe less Nazi-sh and more sci-fi like.

By the way I never knew the AT-ST looked like a half-track until now. Do you know of any other Star Wars vehicles that have similar or inspired looks of Nazi vehicles?

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First thing that came to mind… Well, it’s not from films, but from Battlefront 2 (the good one), but IFT-T looks very similar, too.

Also, not vehicle but, there’s also DLT-19 Heavy Blaster that looks like MG34:

Death Star turret reminds me of nazi late tank design in general. Like Maus and E100. There also been a design for Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte superheavy tank with 2 naval guns.


Overall there’s angular design to many Imperial vehicles that looks vaguely like some late Nazi Germany designs to me. I’d need to rewatch the OT again in order to catch if there’s some more. I am pulling this all out of my ass, just noticing similarities.

Gosh I love the design of the Empire, though. So good.

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Ick, Ick, Ick, messing with The Man

The angular shape, and the grey and black color scheme totally had me loving the Empire. It seems that George really wanted to make it clear that the story was about people coming together and joining forces to fight the Nazis.

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I am willing to literally bet money that we will lose the Flacon in Episode 9.

Please god no. Why are they giving the worst writers the reigns for trilogies. The only good things they even wrote were complete rips from GRRM. Any of the “original” things in Game Of Thrones they wrote/retconned were god awful (Dorne, Stannis storyline, SansaXRamsey retconn, Battle of the Bastards, Season 7, and a lot more). Actually really bad writers and people in general. Please stop giving people Star Wars movies after doing one good thing. At least JJ had a decent track record. Johnson had like one good movie (only 3 films ever!), and they let him write and direct his own Star Wars film and then is going to make 3 more (probably cancelled by now lol). Now they are giving 3 films to writers who only wrote one show that was based off a book series that literally is set up scene by scene already.