Star wars battlefield beta + asus strix 970

anyone have an idea why my asus strix 970 is running 99% load even in high settings 1080p? i have i7 4790k btw

Well I would expect it to run at full load like it is; what kind of FPS are you getting? My rig with 4690k and a gtx 980 was running 99% gpu load with 50-70% cpu load at ultra settings at 1080p. I was getting 80+FPS all the time I played.

not sure of the cpu load but gpu was getting 99% load, on ultra and high settings. If i put it down to medium it would only drop to 97%. at ultra i too was getting 78-88fps. I was just concerned of the gpu load and temp 71.0C and the close to 100% power consumption

its normal to have around 100% load if not it shows that there is a bottle neck with your cpu

oh i didnt know that. I never really paid much attention to those details before. As you can tell, I dont game much.

Yeah, 99-100% load is perfectly normal as are your temps. My 980 hovers between 71C and 75C while gaming if it's under full load and it's overclocked a bit with the power target at 105%. Just run it on Ultra and enjoy the awesome visuals assuming you have stable, acceptable framerates there.

Thanks for the info!

I keep seeing people posting issues with performance issues with their AMD cards, as am I. Anyone else?