Star Trek SDCC: Picard




Well, IDK if this is gonna be better, or worse than Discovery…

I just want my Voyager re-scanned at 4K, please.


Just based on the people I see involved here, it is impossible for this to be worse than Discovery.

I want Starfleet to give Seven a ship.

So, I watched the trailer a couple times now and it is packed with information. My head is spinning from thinking about all the different ways this could go. … What I can say already is that this feels like Star Trek.

I’ll have to catch up on what happened since Nemesis.


Officially the best ST captain? He got his own damn series =D.

This looks decidedly good I dare say. While not necessarily sure about it being good to bring in so many of the old cast, I’m guessing that their roles will be small for the most part. Picard and Seven should have an interesting dynamic.

To me it feels like this new sequel is too dark for the star trek. Even the damn bridge looks like its inside some factory. It doesn’t have that cozy feeling of the smaller bridge.

This new start trek feels like a dystopia future instead of the happy future that original Star Trek portrayed.

Well, I don’t think it is a starfleet ship.
And it might as well be some kind of freighter or whatnot.

Also maybe try not to compare it to TNG. The Enterprise E already had a much darker look to it and Nemesis was 20 years ago in this timeline.


For the love of god don’t bring up the episode “Threshold.” So inaccurate.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

I like a good Star Trek.

So … who is she?
Is it Data?
Is that cube still Borg?
And … the hell is Seven doing in this?

What do you think? Let’s speculate!

Spacedock again did a great breakdown :slight_smile:
I do remember Voyager did get home at the end via the borg super highway :slight_smile:

Oh shit, yeah. That could tie in actually. Is this maybe where old Janeway travels back?

I pray for a decent Star Trek series. But with all the stuff going on, I don’t have my hopes up. There are hardly any “Hollywood” production these days that just focus on a good story and to entertain the viewer - or treat the viewer as the customer/audience.

And some people say that they spotted a “Mary Sue” in the Trailer…

Hell yeah. I grew up with TNG, so this looks very interesting. I hope this get’s good (and will be available at the same time in germany).
Other than that, i’m ot a big series guy. I’d actually prefer a new Star Trek Movie. The Last ones where pretty epic.

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Yer I have high hopes for the show. The old school cast are putting some rep on the line even if its for money doing this show.

I have fond memories of seven, data, Picard etc.

I hope there’s a follow up to “Captain’s Holiday.” After that long, you’d expect another episode based on that arc…