Star Trek Discovery Now Streaming!

So far so good. I am only on episode two, and the federation is at war!

It is available on CBS all access.

I honestly think it is better than J.J.s movies.


I was very surprised with this. I think it is very good.

Now streaming in one of the most useless locations on the Internet. I’ll wait for the physical media.


I enjoyed the first two episodes. Let’s see how well they transition into the covert/dark/guerilla ops portion of the story line. Could be fun.

It’s also on Netflix which I had no idea it would be on.

I like it. though there were some bits that left me confused (for now…). It’s definitely one of the better Star Trek pilots.

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I have seen the first two episodes on Netflix here in the UK. Generally is good however I can not in good conscience say anything without mentioning the terrible job done with the Klingons.

It’s like the writer’s had never seen or read anything about Star Trek. Overheard a drunken conversation at a bar between two people chatting about the show. Several weeks later they sit down and write about the Klingons. It’s worse than watching the movie adaptation of your favourite book. They are terrible, bald playdoh heads, weird uniforms. Passionless speech patterns, the ships are odd, heck, there is nothing right about them nothing at all. It’s hard to get past how different these Klingons are from either the TOS or TNG Klingons. The show is set around ten years before TOS so you would think that most of the Enterprise crew are active serving Star Fleet officers. There is nothing about Discovery that they would recognise. The other missteps can be forgiven but the Klingons are beyond forgiveness.

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Apparently there’s a reason the Klingons look different.

Remember as well the USS Shenzhou was described as an old ship, there may be more similarities with other ships to TOS (excluding advancements in media for better props, etc.).

Uniforms changing is also pretty common, i would expect them to be different after 10 years.

I don’t have an issue with the Star Fleet side of things. Or at least my grievances about Klingons are blinding me. Anything after that sounds like nitpicking. Things like shoehorning Spocks little half-sister in with without any mention from Spock himself over the last 50 or so years. Come on she could have been anyone ward it didn’t have to be Sarak. I think we can let that pass on the grounds that the Klingons are F*&!ing unrecognisable. I want our beloved 80’s hair-metal band Klingons back. Heck, at this point I would settle for the swarthy skin, pointy eyebrows Klingons from TOS. These playdoh Klingons with a mouthful of marbles can go to hell.

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I was at least surprisingly intrigued. I feel it’s too early to tell where they’re going with the show, but I appreciated their not being afraid to change things up. It would for instance have been a safer bet having the Klingons remain mysterious and elusive for at least half of the season. Instead they’re right there and serving up quite a space opera feeling.

There are other things that annoyed me quite a bit in the first two episodes, but that I’m at all surprised by anything is good enough for now. At the very least I will rather watch something like this than the last movie. :slight_smile:

I hate it. More lensflares than the Abrams crimes, Janeway’s sense of humor, some soundeffects from TOS and the ship has a bridge bigger than some shuttle bays.

Four episodes in and I couldn’t give less shits about any of the characters.

Also, has someone found a shot without a dutch angle?

No, fuck that show. It’s a turd.


i’m giving it a chance - we’ll see where it leads. It’s cooling down - less and less action.

What’s that old kids song, “Down by the bay”?

Star trek Died to me after deep space nine… I feel janeway should have been brought up on charges when she returned home, and the less the said about archer the better.

I remain slightly intrigued after four episodes. I hate the main character though, in fact the only character I like so far is ripper.

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whats funny the intro is made by a graphic that i remember him (his type of graphics) from a competition in 2002 Siggraph where Baginski won against him with his ‘Katedra’ short film.

his stuff wasn’t great, it was just stuff coming together like assembly of veins and stuff; nothing great. Baginski won. (i remember people were cheering to him from Poland - that was the birth of his career)

Sorry, Discovery lost me at “Spore Drive”. The Orville is better.

wat now?

Voyager wasn’t bad. The Star Trek franchise ended for me when Cumberbatch played Khan.

This seems like a good thread title.

Oh ya I totally forgot Enterprise existed!! Anyone else memory laps that one?

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As I person who didn’t grow up watching Star Trek, the new movies starring Chris Pine was a really good introduction to the franchise. I liked all 3 of the new movies. So I might give Discovery a try.

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I like it so far, I never liked the 80s band Klingon. Never felt real to me, these have something mysterious around them. I would like to have some “real” star trek episodes. Not only pew pew episodes. But some star trek is better than none in my opinion