Star Trek: Beyond - Trailer

Trailer released today. Movie Directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious series)

@wendell allow me to weep beside you. This looks terrible. Wtf even is this? It's definitely not Star Trek.

I'll tell you what that was, Sabotage.

Honestly though while this is not nor will ever be a Star Trek movie, must say I am looking forward to what ever it is. It look hilarious and mental. Fast and Furious INNNN SPPAAACCCCCCCEEEEEEE!

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WTF , somebody mangled star trek..............pulverize them !
edit 1 = where the fuck is Khan when we need him ?

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WTF! Justin LIN!?

He made all the bad Fast and the Furious movies and ruined True Detective Season 2.

How in the hell did this guy get True Detective and this? Illuminati confirmed. That's the only explanation. He must have connections...

I think I counted 10 times someone is leaping or jumping in the trailer... lmao


Oh my fucking god this is perfect. SO PERFECT!!!


HAHAHA that's hysterical. I love how they've got the Beastie-Boys in the back whining on the window / display as if it was some outer-limits episode of brain control that needed to be destroyed.

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looks good, looking forward to it.


I like the last two of the reboot for what they are, but when you take the ship out of the equation, it starts to loose it for me- I'm fearing too much of a deviation for my interest.

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They have screwed star trek up good an proper, loved that youtube video piss take in the post above!

I'm not sure if star trek is now more like a bond film or a vin shitzel film (excluding riddick, only films he's ever done right in my books). In the ST2009 movie I expected to see washing machines and tumble dryers in the engineering pipe mario room / warehouse.

When they remake the ST the next generation episodes or films god only knows how much implausible action and what bad choices of actors they will make for that.

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