Star Citizen

Anyone joined up yet? If so what are you flying, why, and are you a part of an organization? I'm waiting for my new GPU to arrive before I get on board (mainly since I'm still kinda waiting to see what ships come out), but I'm thinking of going with the 325a and signing on with some explorers as escort.


I'm waiting for the firefly mod ... Brown coats unite !          lol

Been in for ages

own a cutlass - because space pirate!

not in an organization - and no interest in joining one.

Lots of us are looking forward to the PU and are losing are minds waiting for v.9

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I am a proud owner of an Aruora LN, Avenegr, Mustang Omega (From AMD neversettle) I honestly can not wait for this game

I am seriously considering joining, depending on when/if I get my new machine built.  I'm thinking my starter ship will be an Avenger.  Before SC, gaming never really held my attention… this'll be my first real gaming experience since Halley's Comet and a brief stint with Protostar.

LOL 2 years ago I posted this:

And all I got was the sound of crickets chirping... very strange.

Lol yeah but two years ago it didn't necessarily have the mass recognition it does now (at least among PC gamers)


So what do you fly? I'm thinking I'll start with the 325a for the versatility it has

I just applied to the tek organization on Star citizen. Waiting for my admission. Was sad too see how small the tek group is.

Im with a small but dedicated group that is a sub branch of my main gaming guild, personally i have a 300i with a 60mm mass driver and a few other guns im going pure kinetic weapons.