Star Citizen w/ mantle!


well, now another anticipated game has declared support for mantle. eidos montreal (square enix subsidiary) and oxide games as well...


I guess we already knew that Star citizen is going to be an epic game, but this is going to be freaking awesome..

they way they talk, Star Citizen will be the new Crysis. as in, it will bring almost any GPU to its knees...

additionally, as mantle is an open API, and given AMD's relatively good support of linux, there's a good chance that Mantle will be natively compatible with linux. that means that for once, linux will enjoy much the same level of gaming performance as windows...

and it also means that Cloud Imperium is probably getting a funding boost from AMD... which has its ups and downs...

cant wait to get my hands on the r9 290 so i can leverage mantel in star citizen.

This is amazing news.

Does anyone think that developers would start using a low level API for nVidia?

If Nvidia decides to use GCN type cores, they will be able to use Mantle.

Maybe they will if Mantle really takes off.

ROFLMAO... no offence dude.. But this is NOT going to happen. AMD has PATENTS on GCN architecture... Basically Nvidia would need to LICENSE AMD design to be able to use Mantle API... API is NEVER coming to Nvidia... Nvidia is going DOWN in value gaming... AMD in consoles, and now with Mantle, hard to fight that... 

maybe nvidia can trade with AMD, mantel for gsync and make the world graphic heaven.

Mmm, it's unlikely, but that seems to be mantles only problem.

Maybe it will give insane experience improvements, and big names (Like Linus or Logan) will start to migrate to AMD.

If I'm not mistake, nVidia currently has the majority of the gpu market. They are the big ones here. If they were feeling some squeeze from Mantle, I imagine that they would respond in kind in stead of just rolling over. They have the money and weight to push their own API on developers if they wanted, or to license it if needed. Don't get it into your head that Mantle is a trump card for AMD and a death sentence for nVidia. And if it were, then we would see a monopoly, and customers only ever loose when monopolies are involved. I hope that nVidia can come up with something to respond with.

I take no offense. I agree there's almost a 0% chance Nvidia will even think about doing it. I'm just pointing out a possible future -- even if it's humorously close to fiction.

The world of gpus will be interesting for a while, to say the least.

Cooperation instead of competition? I wish such a thing would happen (barring the formation of trusts/monopolies which are, again, bad).


nVidia have the market-share because of marketing, they are "THE BEST" regardless of whether they actually are or not. They haven't been competing with AMD in terms of price to performance for as long as I can remember, and people still buy their products because of the hype they get roped in to, like PhysX, 3D Vision (people think you can only do 3D on nVidia STILL), the better drivers myth, the more reliable hardware myth, and the general hype around nVidia that they don't deserve.

Loads of people still think you NEED nVidia for productivity applications as well, people seem to think EVERYTHING that is used for productivity runs CUDA out of the box, like Photoshop, 3DS Max et al.

We do NOT need a response from nVidia, that is the absolute worst thing we could hope to happen. nVidia is already extremely pro-proprietary, it's the way they work. Lock people in to feeling like they NEED nVidia so that the competition's improvements are irrelevant to existing customers.

If Mantle isn't open (which remands to be seen) we need AMD to make it open if they want it to take off, or a third unnaffiiated party to make an open equivalent with no controlling stake resting with nVidia or AMD.

This is the exact issue with things like PhysX, nVidia uses PhysX as a marketing tool, all it does is remove rudimentary physics effects, and have them added back in under the "PhysX" label, with some additional token effects so that they run poorly without an nVidia GPU, and even then PhysX DRAGS down performance on nVidia cards too, to a level that is nowhere correlative to the "enhanced" effects.

Much of what nVidia does is highly anti-consumer and highly anti-competitive just to line their pockets in the short term. It seems more and more people are getting on to their behavior though, which can only be a good thing.



Your argument is invalid.

Yes, Nvidia COULD produce their own low-level API and 'push it on developers'. However, this is not the same circumstance AMD is in. AMD already has all the developers coding for 'Mantle' with their chips in all the next gen consoles. Nvidia would need to convince all the developers (some how) that their new API is superior to AMD's Mantle. However, I don't know how much luck they would have without financial incentive as the majority of game development now is being done for AMD hardware. 

Actually, Mantle isn't meant for next gen consoles. AMD has had to convince developers to start using Mantle just the same as nVidia would if they wanted something to compete.,24691.html


My argument isn't invalid, you just don't understand my point. Sure devs are using Mantle, but it being used isn't the same as it becoming a proper standard, a standard would require support for all GPU manufacturers, in the mean time, it won't be used as the SOLE API or primary one but rather as an option.

I don't think nVidia could convince many to use their own API if they came out with one anyway, a lot of developers and companies in the industry plain dislike nVidia and don't want to work with them.

AMD would need to open it up for it to become a killer API that makes Direct X redundant.

Also, devs implementing Mantle on the PC side of games doesn't really have much of an impact on the console side of things. The PS4 doesn't really need it anyway, they have a low level API produced by Sony which would be largely the same thing, and the Xbox, well MS aren't going to want to use it anyway for obvious reasons (direct Xbox).


This is only happening because AMD is in both consoles.

That would be good for the entire gaming environment... This would not be a monopoly.  AMD and Nvidia would just be making the gaming space better for everyone.

It is confirmed, im getting a 290.