Star Citizen player names

Thought it might be cool to get a thread going for Star Citizen player names.

My IGN: dottel


Low effort troll

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No troll attempt at all. Star Citizen is a scam and the sad part is everyone that has fallen for it is too blind to see it. I loved the old wing commander games I have all of them still to this day. I put down $30 for the kickstarter in 2012 dont get me wrong, but what was promised has not and will not be delivered. What we all wish to see will never happen.

Ok, cool you have your opinion but it is not the topic of this thread and thus not the place to discuss the legitimacy of the project. This is for players to exchange in game names.

This got a bit re-railed. All I know is I had a blast basically giving some random stranger a ride in Star Citizen.


Domaldel in SC just like here.
Look me up on spectrum if you like. =)

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Screenshot-2017-12-30 Star Citizen Alpha 3 0 0 - Roberts Space Industries