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The fact that you “can play” is common knowledge.

The fact that it is a stuttery mess even on top tier hardware after 6-7 years of development, and that nailing your balls to a park bench is a more entertaining recreational past-time, maybe people who haven’t backed it might not realise…



I was referring to your previous statement that there is “nothing to show for ____ years” of development, which there is. I think we should leave it there, to be honest.


Is this thing out yet? i bought it over over 5 years ago, haven’t keep up with the news. For some reason “Alphas” don’t interest me that much.
How long until Squadron 42 comes out?







And it’s a game when now ? 2020 ?

It should skip RTX.


It’s time to play a game …

which means one is not having anything to do with Star Citizen.


Star citizen is like nuclear fusion.

Constantly 1-3 years out.


I really suggest we try to keep this thread as news related as possible.


apparently some italians got an entire server to have a fleet battle


Boy, I have to say Star Citizen sure looks cool and it seems fun to play. I really hope they release the game soon or at least have more chances for people to beta test it. I really want to try this game. From what little I have seen of gameplay, it looks like Star Citizen would be more fun to play than Star War the Old Republic or Eve Onime.