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Problem is I have to go to bed fairly soon. Got work tomorrow. Gotta be up at 5am EST


I guess as long as they dont run out of money. How long can a game take to be made. A decade. A century.

Un deleted cause attention.

I was supper hyped for a MMOG that was a space adventure in ships on planets and people maned all the stations on a big gunship. That was in 2011. Im now nearly dead in IT terms and no game.




backed the game in 2012 (i think).

lost interest entirely around 2016-2017.

performance is total trash and i predict an end game akin to Duke Nukem Forever.


3.3 had a big jump in performance from the first implementation of object container streaming

I don’t have a vested interest in it either, only playing for a day or two when a new update drops and around sale times like now


Also… 27,000 dollars for access to every ship? Seriously? I’ll stick with elite dangerous thanks. Even though i pre-release backed both.

At least Frontier are releasing things you can actually play in the interim.


My org leader is a legatus and has three javelins and five polaris corvettes


I don’t try to justify the project, only explain it


Ah don’t get me wrong. Not attacking you at all. Purely CIG and their extreme take on the pay to win concept.


for the discussion tho
the legatus gets a free F8C lightning fighter but what is told is that players who go through squadron 42 will get a token to buy one, which I plan on doing


Pay to win on the next level of a cars value or a house deposit.


Are they waiting for ready player one to happen so they can launch the actual game and the dark lord who bought a million dollar cruiser from the developers can capture and torture all the women ? Crush their enemies and hear the lamentations of the women.


I’m waiting for you to start making posts that are understandable


Im sure I will get there before the game comes out :slight_smile:


Who is going to give Star Citizen a leveled review when people are spending car worth of money on virtual space ships in a game that is not released.

At any time the servers could be turned off. Just like that. Darkness.

In 10 years the game will be dead and only alive if followers make servers with their rule set. And that 10 years is from now 2018. This game was started in 2011 and still is a nothing burger.


Allow me to NPC my way into the conversation.

I think I backed this when there was a void of space games, and crowd funding was a bit of a fad. I also backed elite, and haven’t played more than a few hours. If I had to guess, I am probably not going to play this game either, the way things are going. Even after backing it.
It all comes down to whether I find it fun.

If it is anything like the Hangar module, I won’t. Even the alpha, I got in one of the ships and tried to fly it around. Wasn’t a great experience. Not to mention someone tried to stow away on board.
Maybe it was the sense that if I blow it up, its gone forever? I didn’t really know what the consequences were. Should probably give it another go.

I had a much better time playing Empyrion!


I’ve got a good hundred hours or thereabouts out of elite dangerous.

But yeah, at the moment, every time i decide to check out star citizen, it’s about a 40-50gb or larger download for something that runs like shit and doesn’t have any sort of gameplay to speak of. I’ve done this several times, and performance every time has been full of frame hitching, etc.

It’s never been on trash tier hardware either. Haswell i7 with 16 GB and GPUs up to dual Vega 64…

CIG need to start putting out something you can play, and worry about advanced mechanics and fucking “stretch goals” later.

Frontier on the other hand, got something out for people to actually PLAY inside of a couple of years. Sure, it’s a work in progress, but right now, its 6 years since i paid money to CIG and have yet to see anything worth shit to show for it.

And in the mean-time, it’s become pay-to-win and with the continual addition of stretch goals i have no confidence that there will ever be

  • a shipping actual game
  • something actually fun to play



you can “play” the game right now. People always expect there to be more to it than that, but there isn’t at the moment. The game is in alpha. Not beta. That is pretty much the bottom line.

Like Kewldude has said, it is largely pointless to try and defend what is by far the most muck-dragged project in the past decade, and it is much easier to just explain it. So in that spirit, yes, you CAN play it now. There just isn’t a lot to do, nor is the experience in any way polished.


I use a set of T16000M’s and the throttle under one T.A.R.G.E.T. profile. I don’t usually have any problems since I figured out the best method of setting up the inputs. I use the mouse and index finger joystick on the throttle for movement while on foot.

I clear all the bindings on the all the devices. Then I load the advanced keyboard and mouse profile and map the axis on the joysticks. It seems to work pretty well. It helps to save the profile and make a copy of the .xml file that’s stored in the USER\Controls\Mappings folder.



Have you “played” it?

Its a complete and utter mess. You can’t even configure a HOTAS for it, but the developers are focusing on stretch goals like fancier flight suits or whatever other bs.

I think that is a clear indication of the priorities of the project. Thats the explanation for it. They aren’t making a game at all. They’re extracting paid DLC funds from suckers.

Making an actual playable game is way down the list of priorities below “add more DLC for these suckers to pay for”.

Fuck CIG. And i had the utmost respect for Chris Roberts previously and was hopefully optimistic going in. I figured if anyone could make an epic space game it was his leadership.

I think the best thing that could have happened for star citizen is being limited to say 5m budget.


yes, I have.

I’m not really interested in defending the project to you, just pointing out that you CAN play.