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yes you have to be close to it

do you have anything bound to the hat switch on top of the stick?


Honestly, I don’t know. The preset I use is from Thrustmaster and I mostly avoid vehicle combat because I am a TERRIBLE pilot lol

I think it’s mostly weapons and targeting? The main gun is obviously the trigger.


I would highly suggest binding your strafe directions to the hat then if nothing is on it

I have mine set for target cycling and missile lock

i have that stick btw


I think that’s what it’s set to.

God I wish someone would solve the issue of using two devices as controllers in a game.


I would look over the RSI spectrum as well because the tm 16000 is very popular


I’ve tried an .xml for this setup, and that just flat out does not work.

Mainly because when I go to set the profile I am using in-game, I can link the joystick as just (joystick) with the in-game menu, but I cannot link the throttle as (joystick0) because the in game menu is bugged and won’t let me see the option of (joystick0).

This shit is so fucky, I might as well just go back to attempting to pilot by mouse.


Tried reverting back to mouse and keyboard piloting.

Even that is completely fucking broken. I have no way to control pitch at all, which is the only constant I’ve experienced at all today.

Also no matter what, the last 4 servers I’ve joined have been completely fucking empty.


I have a hard time believing that, reset to default

press f12 to see chat?


I did.

I also looked in the mobiglass to see how many people were on.

It was blank under contacts, as was chat.

Also, I purchased a credit pack earlier today, it still hasn’t been delivered in game, even though it says “fulfilled” on their website.

Starting to get a little angry.


mobiglass contacts only work to a certain distance ~few kilometers, it’s not instance wide

you bought uec which was only used in the now closed Voyager direct store where you could directly buy ship attachments and will likely be in the released game.

SC at this point in time uses aUEC or alpha uec which is reset every update so that 7k auec I have right now will be back to 5k when 3.4 hits because full persistence is not something necessary for alpha

actual purchased uec is not reset but again is not useful atm, idk why its able to be bought atm


I was trying to get enough to start doing shipping runs and make enough money to buy actual ships and shit.

As well as armor and weapons.


go through the process of having your account copied to PTU, the game can be less stable but you get over a million auec and access to more ships with the intent that it’s easier for people to test

be warned it’s a separate launcher and game download



Goddamnit, I guess I’m going to PTU lol

Do I need to delete my old launcher and game download?

Anything else I should be aware of? And how does on get in on this?


as a warning you have to be even more patient than a live release because ptu builds are basically alpha of the alpha


Can you go back and forth between, or is it once you are in, you are in?

Also does that mean every time it gets reset I will have a balance of a million aUEC?

I don’t care if it’s more buggy, I just want to try more stuff based on the chance that more stuff to do means more stuff might work.


yes but you have to use the respective launchers

yes, its somewhere around a mil, I dont ptu a lot


Does what I purchase or own in the PTU, copy over?

Will I retain what I have in the PTU, upon full release?

Also, how do I join the PTU? The option is grayed out under my account settings.



cant describe it on mobile

mmmm ptu is only available when there is a build that needs testing. that’s the catch


So basically you have to check every day?


I wouldn’t do that, when I get home from this family gathering I can play with you