Star Citizen CitizenCon Presentation Discussion Thread

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Again with the cringy introductions.

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Gary Oldman? Gillian Anderson, and Mark Hamill?


Behind the Scenes:

Facial Animation Stuff:

Start Citizen Alpha 2.0

So much yes. So much hype. I am so happy I joined the PC Master Race.

I don't know what to think of their flight stick stuff..

Still need more info on their flight sticks but I am VERY interested.

The rest, I am very impressed with the Morrow Tour and especially the Alpha 2.0 demo. Great stuff!

Here is a about a five minute video pulled from citizencon..

Wait, can you not use a third party HOTAS with star citizen?

Or are they just developing their own because: reasons?

You can use any HOTAS you want with SC. They are just developing their own.


Kinda cool.

I hope we can buy them long before launch because I want to practice before it comes out.

Do we have a price on them yet?


I hadn't expected much from the Squadron 42 "singleplayer part", but now I'm keen on playing through that game before getting into the peristent online universe. Have so many good memories from the Wing Commander series. Even if the multiverse would (as I kinda expect) prove to have a lot of issues early on I would feel quite happy to just have fun with Squadron 42 for a while.

From the sounds of it they're still in the prototype stage, it looks a little too much like a "toy" with the strange looking button pad sticking up from the keyboard. It's probably a membrane keyboard unless they intend to sell it for $500, given how expensive some of the ships are for the game it very well could be.

As for Star Citizen itself, all the politics aside and the very bizarre way they've managed to accumulate so much money by selling virtual space ship models with only the promise of being able to play with them I can't help but think the goals are too lofty for their technical capabilities. From the actual "game" modules they've released everything seems rather stiff in terms of movement, difficult to place my finger on it but I think it might have to do with the way physics is handled in CryEngine. I appreciate the approach that Frontier did with Elite Dangerous, they nailed down the ship flight systems and handling and have built around that. With Star Citizen things feel bolted on to a FPS game engine and then constantly adjusted and tweaked.

I haven't played Star Citizen, or rather any of the modules, myself. I've been meaning to purchase one but just haven't had the time, and there are other games that have taken my attention. BUT, I can honestly say I don't care for Elite Dangerous, at least as far as the Keyboard and Mouse controls go. I don't have a joystick at the moment. As far as I can tell, there are far too many menu's and whatnot. At least when playing with just a keyboard and mouse. It would be better, in my opinion, if I could control flight purely with WASD and up, down, left, and right arrows, and then control menu's and ship settings using a mouse (kind of like how you can use on-screen number pads in some FPS games like DOOM 3 etc.)

Lots of people are extremely deadly with mouse and keyboard in Elite Dangerous, the flight stick HOTAS is more of an immersion accessory than an absolute necessity. It does come to life when you play the game with one as I'm sure it does for all Space and Flight sims. If you really want to take it to the next level there's head tracking devices like TrackIR (and cheaper DIY versions) that really put your head in the game to a degree that you can't easily explain, kind of like VR headsets just watching youtube videos doesn't quite convey the sensation.

I understand they're retooling the flight mechanics for Star Citizen, not sure if that's been implemented yet or not but the alpha version I tried was really clunky.

So as usual I am completely out of the SC loop. For whatever reason the whole thing seems super disjointed for me and I guess I dont have time at the moment to track the news. What is Squadron 42 now lol?

Squadron 42 is the single player campaign..

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Ah thanks. I wasn't sure it was going to have one. Have they released any information on how long the campaign might be or how many hours they are targeting it to be?

I would like to see how well those track balls on the new SC hotas function versus a mouse..It could really even out the playing field..
Edit: Oh and one of the free face tracking software is FaceTrackNoIR..for less than $20 you can make a face tracker..