Standard Issue Mouse Scroll Wheel Problem

Hi All

I have an issue with the TS mouse - the scroll wheel jumps around when I try to scroll up or down such that it sometimes scrolls up when I try and scroll down. I have searched google and all I can find is info stating to clean the scroll wheel. The mouse is around 3 months old so it should be clean on the inside.

I am lost and the scrolling is driving me crazy. Any help is appreciated.

I am on windows pro 8.1 and have tried the mouse in USB 2 hub and direct USB 3 port. No real difference.

Is the scroll well loose or does it register clicks with tactility?

Registers clicks and otherwise feels normal

Then the sensor secured to the axle maybe compromised. Try tagging Logan in this thread and let him know. I don't know their warranty policy.

Thanks for your help on this.

@Logan - any options for me to try with the mouse as I prefer not to exchage or return, am sure its sold out now too

I actually had a similar issue crop up, but I can only reproduce it when I scroll super fast down a webpage or in explorer. Otherwise works fine, so it hasn't bothered me too much.

I mentioned this in the owners thread awhile ago, but my TS mouse has a problem with the scroll wheel as well. Mine feels broken when you push it to the left. It scrolls and pushes down just fine, so it isn't really noticeable.

I does sound like yours has a sensor problem, which is probably not (easily) fixable. I heard Logan say somewhere that they are sold out of the original mice, so unless they kept a small cache stashed away somewhere, a replacement is probably not likely.

I am starting to think its a sensor issue. Other mice I have do not have this issue with the scroll wheel. Its a shame, the mouse is fantastic for the price and supporting TS. Will send an email over at epicpants and see what they say.

Epicpants sorted it out really quickly. Couldn't be happier :)