Standalone NAS Programm (Debian)

Hi guys,

I'm currently searching for a NAS programm (server) to run on my Cubietruck (with Cubian).

I know there are dozens of NAS distributions out there, but I only want a Server / Daemon that I can install on my already running Debian server.


Thanks for your recommendations!

Well you can install open media vault on to debian, or you could just set up samba or NFS or whatever you want to use.

I didn't want to set up all the Samba / NFS / etc. services myself :D

Well, I'll have a look at it.

Setting up samba is pretty straight forward, and if you don't like the command line I'm pretty sure it has a GUI too.

I'm fine with command line.

In case anyone else is searching for the same thing, I found this guide: 

+1 to Open Media Vault. I think there are others that are also based on Debian, but OMV seems to be the most popular.