Stand Alone Microphone - Gaming


I've already got a really nice pair of Bose headphones that I use for gaming, but I'm currently stuck with a crappy £10 "clip-on" microphone(that I can't actually clip on to anything) that requires your mouth to be right against it for anyone to hear anything I'm saying and is generally just really uncomfortable to use. So, I've decided I'm going to invest approximately £40-50 on a stand-alone microphone.

I've heard about Modmic and whilst it does sound like a nice idea, the whole thing does seem a bit too prototyp-y if that makes sense! I'd rather spend my money on something that I know will give me good results rather than the current 3.0 Modmic which may or may not work on my system! 

Ideally, I'd like something that I can have at a distance of say 1ft between myself and the microphone and don't have to end up shouting for my friends/team-mates to hear me, but I've genuinely got no clue if that's possible in the sort of the price-range I'm looking at. 

Thanks! :)


I hear good things about the Blue Snowball.

I have Logitech desktop mic placed under the monitor 50cm away from my mouth and no one ever complained about not hearing me.

You can call me in skype to check if it works good enough for you.

Superb voice quality. ^^ Theres a review with a customer talking with the mic itself. 

 Also, Modmic is in fact "protype-y" like you said. Mostly because they've yet to lock onto a solid manufacturer. However they are a great company and their customer support is fantastic. It's what I'm currently using with my AD700, and my first one died so I sent them an e-mail and without hesitation he sent a replacement, free of charge. I didn't even need to send back the broken mic which I was actually surprised about lol. Anyways if you want to spend $30 then that might be your best bet.