STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl GPU Issues

Well I don't know if anyone else is still playing or does even know the STALKER series anymore, but I just tried to install STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and received a weird error. I own the Original Disk + Key, so it's not pirated or anything and wanted to play it with the "Soljanka-Mod". This mod is basically a mixture of mods that improves textures and adds about 100 hours more of gameplay (new quests, weapons etc.) made by a german/russian dude.

So here's the problem:
I am installing the game, a window pops up with system information and it checks if your specs are good enough. Everything is fine, except for my gpu. I run a sapphire r9 290 vapor x 4gb and the game doesn't seem to know this kind of card. I am still able to install the game, but when I try to run it i get the obvious error "graphics card not detected dx9ddl.exe".
Well I was writing in the mod forum of this german/russian guy but the people there are mostly using vacuum cleaners as PC's so they do not have the technologically knowledge to give me any kind of a useful advice.
Now this is my last shot at this topic and also this game, so if anyone knows this problem or maybe knows how to fix it, your help would be appreciated :)

I am currently replaying clear sky and I have had no problems what so ever with 2 gtx670pe's in SLI. It detects just one card, but Afterburner tells me both are running and being used. So could it be the ram size of your card? You could try an write the makers of "Survarium". Their team has a lot of former Stalker devs on board. A polite question never harmed anyone even if its unrelated to their current project and the worst that can happen is that they say "no".

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That's actually not a bad idea...
I'm gonna write those guys and see if anyone still remebers how this game was programmed.
I'll let you know if they were willing to help me or if I found any kind of solution.

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you could just reinstall DX9 since that is a DX9 component.

Yeah well i know that it is a DX9 component...i already tried that but it doesn't change anything...I tried my old r7 260x with the game and it worked just fine.

So i wrote the guys of Survarium and they actually replied to me pretty quick. In their message they told me that my card just might be "too new" for the game and that they can't help me any further, but would be happy if I would be as eager to play their new game...

Hmm nice advertising...but didn't really helped me with my problem...on the other hand I wasn't really believing they would actually reply to my question, so I guess it's nice they at least read it.

My solution now is just to play the game with my second build and the 260x...not the greatest solution...but it works. Thanks anyways guys :)

Just adding some info, you can get STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, Lost Alpha, for free.

It's a complete remake of SoC, although it's a bit unstable (Crashes for me after a while, then can't restart it for some reason). But you don't even need the original game to play it.

Did I mention that its completely freaking awesome? all bugginess aside?

Before I sold my 290 I tried playing the stalker games. Me and some friends also suffered from issues just from the base game itself; such as frame rate hitches and complete lockups. It's possible those are all fixed by now but it seemed 290s don't like the stalker games.