Stalker Crashes with ENB

I can't find any info online so I am trying my luck on here.

I can't figure out why I can't use enb with Stalker. As soon as I place the d3d9.dll file in the bin folder, the game immediately crashes when I try to start it up. I get this error code: XR_3DA.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION

I am running the GOG version of the game, not steam. I have also not used any mods whatsoever. 

Just looking for ideas because I am out.\


Apologies in advance if you've already seen this:

Make sure Anisotropic Filtering is off in game, and also make sure Antialiasing is off too,
make sure these are not forced through your driver settings also.

Extract the contents of the base preset archive to your /bin folder
(I will be uploading sweetfx addons soon, track mod for more info)

Now you need to disable any r2 shaders, to do so check your gamedata folder,
If you have a shaders folder, open it, then backup and rename the "r2" folder
(rename it to r2_backup or something different)

Once you have done that ENB will now be enabled in game.


Hope you get it sorted :)